Lady Gaga is getting into the married… with himself

Well-known Dutch and international celebrities are using social media regularly, you can see it in their lives. communicate throughout the day, updates are the stars in place.

one hour ago,Lady Gaga’s the word

On the day of the love takes over Lady Gaga-take matters into your own hands. On her Instagram, she shows a picture of the ring on her own finger, on the left. The Poker Face singer calls it female empowerment.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day, wearing this badass ring, designed by my friend, @bcompleted for the usa. Did you know that an old tradition says that is only during a leap year, on Feb 29th, ‘ are women allowed to propose to men? 🤦♀️ It’s 2020, and to any person of any gender identity can-propose-to-anyone, anytime! So as we all celebrate love today, I put this ring on my own finger as a sign of my love for myself and for my fans, and a reminder that we are all born superstars. 💕 #getwhatyoulove

AvatarAuteurladygagaMoment of plaatsen16:06 am – February 14, 20202 hours ago,Estelle Cruijff, shares first photo with new love

In december, it came to Estelle Cruyff, the happiness, the love has been found. On Valentine’s day, she shared the first picture, with the businessman Morad.

Him ❤️ happy valentine ❣️

AvatarAuteurestellecruijffofficialMoment of plaatsen15:10 – February 14, 20203 hours ago,Leontine Borsato with the first post after the break, Marco

This is the first time that Leontine again, what has been heard, after her break-up with Marco. On Instagram, post them to the photo with the text: “the Releasing of the new connection.’

Happy Valentines day everyone ❤️

AvatarAuteurleontineborsatoMoment of plaatsen15:57 am – February 14, 20203 hours agoValentijnspost for Fiction

An unexpected Valentijnspost for Fiction by the Westelaken. The Wie is de Mol-the presenter got today from a ten-year-old WIDM fan with a kind and loving coloring page and send it to you. “Oh, look, what, love,” he writes Of de Westelaken.

Oh, look, es is sweet! A 10-year-old #widm fan was just a Valentine’s card for me 😍. Thank you so much ❤️

AvatarAuteurrik_van_de_westelakenMoment of plaatsen14:06 am – February 14, 20204 hours agoJaimie Vaes is going to be for a Lil’ Small-through the fire

On her Instagram page, writing Jaimie Vaes, a poem for her Valentine’s day a Lil’ Small. “Well, dance on, we drink the wine. Also, if we are to stokdoof and the wrinkles are.”

‘You’re my mate for life?
Then we can go together to experience.
Dance we round, we drink wine.
Also, if we are to stokdoof, and wrinkled his moments️

AvatarAuteurjaimievaesMoment of plaatsen11:32 am – February 14, 20206 hours ago andFajah Lourens is posing in valentijnslingerie

Fajah Lourens see Valentine’s day as an opportunity to get something nice to wear. On her Instagram posing in lovely lingerie and would like to wish her followers a happy Valentine’s day.

Happy valentine’s ❤️

AvatarAuteurfayaofficialMoment of plaatsen08:30 am – February 14, 20208 hour ago,Gordon would like our followers happy Valentine’s day

Also, a single, and Gordon wishes you all a happy Valentine’s day, and takes it with a big balloon on his Instagram page. “Happy Valentine’s day to everyone who believes in love.”

Happy Valentine’s for all of those who don’t understand a word 😍 in love! I do ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#valentineday #lovealwayswins #overwintalles #komtgoed #zinan #recovery

AvatarAuteurgordonheuckerothMoment of plaatsen10:04 am – February 14, 20208 hours ago– Rita Ora-create valentine’s day cards, after a painful surgery

Rita Ora recently underwent a painful surgery to remove her tonsils. As she recovers, she makes a video of them valentine’s day cards and covers.Video

So these will fit the 2 weeks I under went a Tonsillectomy, and let me tell you, it’s no joke. It’s SO painful, but on the plus side, it’s given me time to reflect relax and heal. “It’s a blessing to be able to heal in peace, and put everything into perspective and visualise the rest of your year and what’s coming, or what you want to achieve. I am such a believer in setting intentions into the universe, as it DOES the arts. So learning new things has always been a obsession of mine. I’m not his art by any means, but I damn sure like some of the colour. So, I made some affordable, quick vday cards for the ones I love. ❤️ happy Valentine’s Day lovers.

AvatarAuteurritaoraMoment of plaatsen23:38 pm – February 13, 202012 hours ago,Tim marks all Over My Body-the contestant She is

Tim Hoffman celebrates on Instagram She is, who he is all Over My Body followed suit. The presenter has a personal relationship with her developed, and tells it to open and be emotional about the last moments that he and her shared.

know not exactly in what I have to say, but it is good. I said she is a lot of it, we lachtten a lot. and for almost a year and a half that we came up with were for the last couple of weeks and are very pleasant and helpful. last year, the time had finally come. On 7 november we would be at her house to say goodbye to it, but because it is so hard with the cancer, I was on the way to its called off we still do not get along, I can’t go on. She had agreed to. and it is so fucking brave. not even for a minute longer, the pain, the body was in. it was euthanasia and not a couple of weeks, but in a couple of hours. I am in the middle on the street, but it will be called. ‘Hey, Tim.’ ‘No Fate.’ squeaky-clean them. at peace, free of pain. I’m crying in the streets, it is sad, but the determination in his bed. we made some jokes and, of course, and it took only a few hours before she died, saying goodbye. “To the stars?’ “I hope so. I hope it is for you and your Lot. there you go. to do that, the stars, the best of us in this room, do not touch them as much as you can, and do it well. with the crazy trompetmuziek of you. really fucking love you, you were -or are – awesome.✨

AvatarAuteurdebroervanroosMoment of plaatsen22:43 – 13 February-202018 hours, ago,Sta,’s the widow to rename his foundation

The widow of Kobe Bryant it has its foundation to the sport and to promote the re-named from the Mamba Sports Foundation to the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation. “Because there is no number 2, no number, 24′, and are supported and Vanessa Bryant, and the reference to their daughter, Gianna, in the name of the foundation. Gianna Bryant was involved in the game of basketball player number 2. The 41-year-old Bryant, and a 13-year-old daughter, came out in January to live in a helikopterongeluk.

Because there is no #24 without #2, we have updated the Mamba Sports Foundation is to now be called the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation. Our mission remains the same and will be stronger than ever to provide opportunities to young people through sports. Thank you all for the outpouring of support and your kind donations to date, as we will carry forth as well as Kobe’s and Gigi’s, legacy place, We hope to empower young athletes in the world they left to us all to help shape. #Mamba #Mambacita #wings @mambamambacitasports

AvatarAuteurvanessabryantMoment of plaatsen22:02 pm – February 13, 2020gisteren at 23:08 forthe Son He is doing a soundcheck

Because the Water Daddy, there wasn’t, was the son of Guus Meeuwis at as a rapper with a sound check prior to Meeuwis’ concert at De wereld Draait door.Video

A really good mini-manager is running, of course, are not, in order to have a good stand-in-the-fast at a sound check with @kraantjepappie are still on the road, it is 👊🏻💙 #grootsjunior

AvatarAuteurguus.meeuwisMoment of plaatsen11:30 pm – February 13, 2020gisteren 20:28and Samuel L. Jackson’s very own cappuccino

Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most well-known One is accustomed to with his own image often, however, the actor was on Thursday, however, something very, very special to me. A talented barista from the Carol Parc Hotel in Bucharest, Romania, on the left, Jackson will appear in ” a cup of cappuccino.

When your cup of coffee shows up, looking back atcha!! #assetmovie Thanks to Carol Parc Hotel.

AvatarAuteursamuelljacksonMoment of plaatsen15:43 – 13 February 2020gisteren at 14:43Salma ashamed of themselves

Huge Eminem fan of Salma Hayek in late with a post on Instagram will know that she is with shame look back on this past weekend, when she was in her new behind-the-scenes tour of the World in the true spirit of the cesspool. “I was so shocked to see him, and that I have water all over him and messed. If you get in our faces, well, look at it, I see it brought low, and he looks like he’s terrified.”

The actress feels that she herself is ridiculous and has been made. But take care, there is no need for this, according to an interview with Eminem in Rolling Stone magazine gave it. On the question of whether he has been able to enjoy his surprise performance at the academy awards, the answer to the rapper: “well, of course. I had the Salma Hayek embrace it.”

In these pictures, it might look like @Eminem and I are best friends, but what really happened was as he was walking offstage, and I was getting ready to walk the stage, I was so shocked to see him that I spilled the water all over him. If you examine our faces, I look mortified, and he looks terrified of me As I was trying to wipe it off, I impulsively hugged him and I said, “Nice to meet you Eminem, I’m a HUGE fan!” because I AM! But I was so disappointed that I made such a fool or myself in front of him… and then I read this [swipe right] from @rollingstone. Eminem-you’re the greatest!!! If you want to read the entire article, with #Eminem-please see my link in the bio.
And, estas imágenes podría parecer que Eminem y yo somos gloss game amigos, pero lo que realmente sucedió es que mientras el salía del escenario y me preparaba para entrar, me sorprendió tanto verlo que le tiré agua encima. Si examinas la foto, me veo mortificado y select se ve aterrorizado de mí. Mientras intentaba limpiarlo, lo abracé impulsivamente y le dije: “Encantado de conocerte, Eminem. ¡Soy un was a HUGE fan!” Pero estaba muy decepcionada de haber hecho el ridículo al conocerlo… y luego leí esto [deslizar hacia la derecha], and @rollingstone. Eminem, eres grande!!! Si desea leer el artículo completo, con #Eminem, consulte el link en la biografía. #Oscars

AvatarAuteursalmahayekMoment of plaatsen18:55 pm – February 12, 2020gisteren at 10:18 theCast of Modern Family is emotional about saying goodbye

The cast of the sitcom, Modern Family, the script for the final episode of the series to read. Actress Sofia Vergara, who will play the role of Gloria played, sharing a photo of the cast. She said it was an emotional farewell, it is. Modern Family ‘ will end after eleven seasons. On the 8th of april, in the United States, and a final double-episode is to be seen.

Our last table read, it😪 sad because its ending, but so gratefull and happy to have been able to be a part of this family. It has being More than I ever dreamed of or deserved❤️ Gracias to my Modern Family🍾🍾🍾 #11years.

AvatarAuteursofiavergaraMoment of plaatsen00:37 – February 13, 2020gisteren at 07:27 pm, Katja Schuurman in Mexico

In the Netherlands, it was a chilly, windy and gray, but in Mexico, it’s a beautiful day. Katja Schuurman provide us with a little bit of the sun from the pool area.

I think you will be able to do a little bit of sun to use it: with love and light from Mexico! 🌞🌝✨ #mexico #beterlaatdannooit #sun, Dressed in the new collection by @pom_amsterdam by Katja!

AvatarAuteurkatjaschuurmanMoment of plaatsen05:38 pm – February 13, 2020woensdag at 23:46, Will you look back at the old gig

Will Smith looks back at his first appearance at the Apollo Theater in New York’s neighborhood of Harlem, new york. “We were the opening act of the New Jack Swing group Guy,” says the rapper and actor on the show in 1989 with DJ Jazzy Jeff as the frontman for side project of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.Video

First-time-at-the-Apollo-it was 30 years ago, and we were an opener. This time, we’ll shut it down
📹 @westbrook

AvatarAuteurwillsmithMoment of plaatsen19:49 pm – February 12, 2020woensdag at 20:26

Leco based Leontine

Stylist, Leco van Zadelhoff, cross friend, Leontine Borsato with a photo on Instagram of a heart under the belt. A photo of the both of them, he writes: “I have come to know and love this powervrouw Am very, very proud of you.”

I am so mad at this powervrouw my best friend @leontineborsato .. love you to pieces and am so proud of you! #friendsforeveralwaysinmy❤️

AvatarAuteurlecolookMoment of plaatsen16:21 – February 12, 2020woensdag:19: 10New-tattoo-for Chris

Chris Brown has a new tattoo on. The lead singer had a shoe in his face is tattooed, with a copy of the sports brand, Jordan.

More tattoo last night for my brother @chrisbrownofficial , here it is: this Jordan shoe is that I did recently, , @blackpyramidofficial

AvatarAuteurgangatattooMoment of plaatsen22:00 pm – February 11, 2020woensdag at 14:53, Johnny sick

Johnny de Mol’s share it on Instagram, that he is the show from Wednesday night need to cancel due to the flu. The presenter would have to actually go to Axes, to and fro, but that should be the plan now, may be done.

Dear friends, in Axis, I have a nasty flu to catch, and I am, unfortunately, not be able to make it tonight in my living room to play with. Sorry, 😞
This is why the show, in DNK Axis is moved to the 19th of may.
The theatre’s contact information-and tickets for tonight will be valid on the new date! We’ve made it all the way with you, 🙏❤️

AvatarAuteurjohnnydemolofficialMoment of plaatsen11:34 am – February 12, 2020woensdag 08:33Friends actresses Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are still good friends. Cox would like to congratulate Aniston and her birthday party, and pretending at the same time as her co-workers. Aniston was on the 11th of February, 51 years of age.

No matter how hard you might try… there is only one Jennifer Aniston. Happy birthday to my dear friend @jenniferaniston! I love you!♥️j️j️

AvatarAuteurcourteneycoxofficialMoment of plaatsen21:16 – February 11, 2020woensdag at 07:16Saskia Noort was located Tuesday in front of the television to be angry with The World spinning around. “What a rare and high-in conversation with Ilse de lange
in DWDD, be comfortable with just” being, according to the author, who is appointed at the request of Hugo’s Chest. High boomergehalte. But again, just to show that female artists have to deal with.”

What a rare and high-in conversation with @IlseDeLange in #dwdd, comfortable with just. High boomergehalte. But again, just to show that female artists have to deal with.

AvatarAuteurSaskia NoortMoment of plaatsen19:37 – February 11, 2020dinsdag 22:15Ruud in the Wild, sharing a photo of his girlfriend, Olcay Gülşen. “You should have. Everything he writes as a dj, too.

You. All. ❤️💥🥇

AvatarAuteurruuddewildMoment of plaatsen21:52 – February 11, 2020dinsdag at 20:45 onEverything, He is the son of Marco and Leontine Borsato, similar to Instagram to respond to rumors about his parents. The private was claimed to be in one on Tuesday published an article that Marco is not only a vreemdging with Iris the Dog, but also as a secretary.every Tuesday from 18:08Rick Paul van Mulligen was twelve years old, along with his husband, René, and of the Town. “It can’t get worse,” notes the actor.

In 12 years of dating! It should not be crazier! Love is the best! #mijnes #husband #modernfamily #alleenmaarliefde #❤

AvatarAuteurrickpaulMoment of plaatsen17:49 pm – February 11, 2020dinsdag at 15:32, Adele, was almost not recognized at the Oscars-after-party of Beyonce and JAY-Z, The singer has been dropped off and Polish tv presenter Kinga Rusin didn’t think of them at the party was talking with the British, known for such hits as Hello, and for Someone Like You.on Tuesday at 12:03Simone Johnson, the daughter of former wrestler and actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, in the footsteps of his father. On Instagram shares, the eighteen-year-old that is in training with WWE Superstar from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Johnson says that she is there as a little girl, she wanted to go to a better world.

The little girl who fell in love with wrestling & said, “this will be my life one day,” this is for you. I’m humbled, grateful & ready to work. Let’s do this. @wwe @wwenxt

AvatarAuteursimonegjohnsonMoment of plaatsen19:41 pm – 10 February, 2020dinsdag at 11:03Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau, makes the wait for the plane to have a birthday party with his son Xess Xava: the host crawl under the door of her son.VideoYolanthe to crawl through the legs of the son in the Xess Xava on vliegvelddinsdag at 05:12 ofthe Widow Bryant shares video of a man and his daughter

Kobe, Bryants widow,, Vanessa Bryant, has once again made a movie separate from her husband, and their daughter, Gianna. “My brain refuses to accept the fact that Kobe and Gigi are no longer there,” she writes about their life on the 26th of January, at a helikopterongeluk. The funeral of the basketball star, and his daughter is on the 24th of February.Video

I’ve been reluctant to put my feelings into words. My brain refuses to accept that both Kobe and Gigi are gone. I can’t process both at the same time. It’s like I’m trying to process the Kobe being gone, but my body refuses to accept my Gigi will never come back to me. It feels wrong. Why should I be able to wake up the next day, when my baby girl isn’t being able to have that opportunity! I’m so mad. She had so much life to live. Then I realize I need to be strong and be here for my 3 daughters. Mad I’m not with Kobe, and Gigi, but thankful I’m here with Natalia, who is Bianka, and the floor. I know what I’m feeling is normal. It’s part of the grieving process. I just wanted to share in case there’s anyone out there that’s experienced a loss like this. God, I wish they were here, and this nightmare would be over. Praying for all the victims of this horrible tragedy. Please continue to pray for all.

AvatarAuteurvanessabryantMoment of plaatsen20:14 – February 10, 2020maandag 22:04Nicolette of the Dam is thirteen years of age, along with the Bass, Smith, and to celebrate, she shares an old photo of it on Instagram. “I didn’t have many butterflies in my stomach… I’m so happy that I am still, after all these years, that love feeling,” she writes.

Jaaaa, we are now 13 years together. I didn’t have many butterflies in my stomach… I’m so happy that I am still, after all these years, that love feeling. Through thick and thin. Each other out. The other eats up. My love and my best friend. Once and for all! ❤️❤️❤️ @bassmit

AvatarAuteurnicolettevandam1Moment of plaatsen18:03 pm – February 10, 2020maandag 20:35Hadewych Minister, shares a photo of her with a broken hand and is on Instagram.

when a middle-aged woman looking for attention.
. #bluemonday #gebrokenhand #gebrokennacht #hetbreektmenognetnietop #takeabreek #keepsmiling #takingabreekbreak #ohnee #theshowmustgoon #hadewychdoetdedames #hadewychdoetdedomstedingenenbreektdanvanalles

AvatarAuteurhademiniMoment of plaatsen16:46 pm – February 10, 2020maandag 18:55Maandagavond, it was announced that NikkieTutorials online, the reporter will be in the Eurovision song Contest. That is why, she, of course, on the image taken by photographer William Rutten. “What an incredibly smart choice for Nikkie to be involved in the contest!”, according to Rutten.

We have a fun-filled day in my studio, and what do I have to have a lot of respect for this masterpiece! A good example of all of your fears will be overcome, and the biggest may be what you want to do it. And if you do, then, with so much success, so the fun can continue if you have a really big one! What an incredibly smart choice for Nikkie to be involved in the contest!! ❤️ @nikkietutorials !! #nikkietutorials #nikkiedejager #eurovision #eurovision2020 #williamrutten

AvatarAuteurwilliamruttenMoment of plaatsen18:16 – February 10, 2020maandag 16:47Het would I have a Bird and her cat ner for the whole day, as a kind of a fluffy baby-sitter on her with twins, let them watch, but for the writer and the actress, however, be cautious: “these continue to be animals, so they never have to be alone with the baby. Before you know it, they like it nice and hot on top of it.”

“It’s all my babies’hands off!’ ner likes to watch. But Tatti, and Mina had even to guard in addition to the box, or will it sit at the fed. They are so cute! The keep of animals, and so they never have to be alone with the baby, because before you know it, they will go there to warm up on. They do, after all, also to each other. Too bad, I think that’s because of how nice it would be if I was to say… ‘but hey Darling, note that you are going to have the baby, then I walk to the grocery store.’ Daddy: “Yes, it is good, I have to note here is that of a giant horse-mackerel for me and with me, and save me a diaper when you’re on the go.’ ner: “Just a warm-havermelk, I will do all of the washes!’ Tatti: ‘Oh, and if you have a chicken and bring it, then I will do all of the voedingsrondes during the night, you can enjoy a good night’s sleeping.’ Ooooh that would be lovely! #catsofinstagram #twins #twin #gratisoppas #kattenvanamsterdam #nice#twins

AvatarAuteursannevogelMoment of plaatsen16:03 pm – February 10, 2020maandag at 14:42

Whilst on holiday in Bangkok in the lives of singer Thomas Berge at a high level. To Instagram to reveal that he is the highest vantage point of the capital of thailand to visit, the 314-meter-high King-Power-Mahanakhon. In the comments under the picture will be especially shocked by this response. Thus, that Richard, Some of that “not for all the gold that would do it.


AvatarAuteurthomasbergeofficialMoment of plaatsen14:18 – February 10, 2020maandag at 11:31Een proud of Wendy van Dijk, is sharing on her Instagram with a photo of her-year-old son of Shem, who, on the 10th of February for seventeen years now. On the left side, he was able to see if the baby was a few days old, and on the right-hand side, he is at the press of a Boxing Influences, which take place on the 28th of march. “With just a couple of days ago, you had that glance been,” he writes Of the Embankment below the picture.

With just a couple of days ago, you had that look too:-) Now.. 17 years later, I am so proud of you. What a great kid you are. We love you so much! Congratulations to my dear @semvandijk2.0 !!! #birthdayboy #17 #🥳

AvatarAuteurwendyvandijk3Moment of plaatsen07:40 pm – February 10, 2020maandag at 09:03Kylie, Jenner was for the after-party of the academy awards by Vanity Fair in a tight dress in the afternoon. The realityster joked that she wasn’t in the dress, it may be, but it was totally worth it.

couldn’t really sit in with this, but it was worth it 😊

AvatarAuteurkyliejennerMoment of plaatsen08:20 – February 10, 2020maandag at 07:18Actrice, Halle Berry visited a mixed martial arts competition, and her friend, Valentina Shevchenko, and looked at her, after a technical knock-out win by Katlyn Chookagian. Shevchenko would like to thank the 53-year-old actress, for her support. Berry, and the 31-year-old Shevchenko became friends during the filming of the movie, Bruised, in which the Kyrgyz republic MMA fighter and American actress in training, and they may also have a role to him. The film is expected to be by the end of the year.

Thank you, dear Halle, for being here and support me ! It means a lot for me.
Lots of love ❤️ #UFC247 #Texas #Houston @halleberry

AvatarAuteurbulletvalentinaMoment of plaatsen16:10 – February 9, 2020maandag at 01:52Ook Frank Dane has a problem with the storm

Enjoy your weekend away .. the Last flight home at the last minute was cancelled! 😬😬😬 Am afraid that I will not be red… And yes, I do have a pink case! 😂 #stormciara

AvatarAuteurfrankdane538Moment of plaatsen20:29 – February 9, 2020zondag 18:57Ondanks of the storm, was on the flight, Bridget Maasland, the netherlands, in each case, too.

In spite of Ciara as storm, my flight ✈️ on. @klm #nogsteedseendikkeonderlip

AvatarAuteurbridgetmaaslandMoment of plaatsen09:38 pm – 9 February, 2020zondag 15:02Winston Gerschtanowitz, put the safety helmet on as a protection against falling branches.

I just got this today and already done with all the falling tree branches #ciara

AvatarAuteurwinstongerschtanowitzMoment of plaatsen14:48 am – 9 February, 2020zondag at 14:51 bya Stylist and a make-up artist Leco van Zadelhoff, drive very, very carefully to the opening night of Tina-The Musical here in holland.on Sunday at 13:54Zanger Tim Douwsma choose for themselves to move, safely, from behind a computer screen. He asked his followers to Instagram to Netflix tips and advice.

Storm! 🌪 , So we can continue to be for the whole day! If you have a great idea for a great series/movie? 😘🙏🏻

AvatarAuteurtimdouwsmaMoment of plaatsen13:32 am – February 9, 2020zondag 13:20Kim-Lian van der Meij has some good advice for her followers, to put all of the loose items in the yard or on the balcony as well, and continue to enjoy today.

Everything that is in the garden or on the balcony, stood up properly? #waainietuitjesokkenvandaag
Safe to keep 🙏
Happy sunday ☺️ Ps. The photos are not from today. To go, of course, is not out for a walk with storm and Ciara. I’m crazy but not that crazy. The 130-km-per-hour, it is just a bit too much for us. 💨Be careful #codeoranje

AvatarAuteurkimlianvdmeijMoment of plaatsen10:48 am – 9 February, 2020zondag 13:11Ook, Nicolette van Dam is back, barely cling to a lamp-post. The show has just come back from South Africa and is located in full of the Dutch storm.

So glad that I am back again 💨😂😂😂 #ciara

AvatarAuteurnicolettevandam1Moment of plaatsen12:25 – February 9, 2020zondag at 12:40Stylist Fred van Leer could just keep him from blowing away in the storm this Sunday.

The Current mood is ……. #iewiewaaiweg

AvatarAuteurfredvanleerMoment of plaatsen11:39 am – 9 February, 2020zondag at 11:36Vanwege storm and Ciara will remain For some of this great gear today and be safely inside with her children.

I love these puppies, but today, they are way more creative. All I can is that if you don’t mind. Everything is just around the corner, breath of fresh air. For a dark home happy. Pyjamadag with the blue and white stripes defining a brigade❤️ #hetwaait #hard #houjekleinehondjesaandelijn #voordatzedehoekomvliegen
What are you going to do now? We have to have somewhere to go?

AvatarAuteurchantaljanzen.officialMoment of plaatsen10:02 pm – 9 February, 2020zondag at 09:48Freek of Spark, tried it in Australia, with a tapijtpython to help you cross, but in doing so, he was quite in his hand and bites you. On Instagram, he shares a photo of the bloody wound. “I couldn’t do anything but just wait five minutes until the hose is put two and two together that I a) am eating b) should also not be a threat to form,” said the biologist, who often clashes with dangerous wildlife. The snake is not evil. “The snake is happy, I am happy. And it’s a scar, more or less.”

The filming in the wilderness is not without danger, we know, of course, for a long time. And, that it may not be as well-most of the time! 😆 , I saw the three-meter-long tapijtpython on the way to creep in here in Queensland (Australia), and they, unfortunately, are in great danger to be run over by a car. So, I decided to lend a hand to help him to get to the other side, but when I did that, I saw the snake a chance to clean up his big mouth with more than a hundred large, sharp-pointed and backward-facing teeth into my hand. Woops! The python’s teeth into my back with his strong body to get my arm wrapped up, I did then, but to get to the other side of the road. I couldn’t do anything but just wait five minutes until the hose is put two and two together that I a) am eating b) should also not pose a threat or form. After putting himself away, pulled out slowly, his teeth away from my flesh and looked at me for a moment, and crept out as quietly ran into the woods, to the safe side of the road, of course. The snake is happy, I am happy. And it’s a scar, more or less, 😂

AvatarAuteurfreekvonkMoment of plaatsen09:03 pm – 9 February, 2020zaterdag:19: 14Miley Cyrus was a Friday night, from the celebrities to the catwalk show by designer Tom Ford in Hollywood. Also, Jennifer Lopez, Renee Zellweger, Jason Momoa, Jon Hamm, and Jeff Bezos, were sitting in the first row of the table. Cyrus shares snap of herself with the singer, Lil-Nas-X, and that of her brother.

My baby and big brother are in one place ….. the @tomford show of courseeeeee #FASHIONRUNSINOURFAM @lilnasx @tracecyrus

AvatarAuteurmileycyrusMoment of plaatsen18:10 – February 8, 2020zaterdag 18:41Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the many people who, for the Wednesday, the 103-year-old, the age of death of actor Kirk Douglas, remember. However, not everyone gets literally the life of the actor. “The music that saved my life when I was at a birthday party in the swimming pool is rammed on my three-wheeler,” says the 61-year-old actress. “He jumped me, and took me up to the top, while I just kept going.”

Kirk and Anne were important to BOTH my parents. Here, in The Race, with both Tony and Jane. I just remembered this morning that the Music saved my life ” when I rode my tricycle into the pool at a party and he dove in and brought me up from the bottom, still peddling. I was at the school with their son, Eric, who they lost to in 2004. Tony lost his son, Nicholas, in 1994. Families are tied together in life, and success and loss and struggle, past and present. And it is an example for us ALL. ABOVE.
Their foundation is the link to my website. To See the work that they did for others. In The playgrounds they’ve built. Join them, and me, and honoring his legacy.

AvatarAuteurcurtisleejamieMoment of plaatsen16:05 pm – February 7, 2020zaterdag 15:32Waylon actively in the debate on the ban of the word ‘Moorkop’. “The Moorkop, so in the past. I think that’s great!”, according to the singer. “But at the moment there is an issue about the name of Roomkop, because there’s no room in here and there… But they are still being whipped into that kind of thing… Or is this not the whipped cream called?? I am very sad of this kind of silly discussion. The netherlands is doing is normal!!”

The ‘ Moorkop”, so in the past. I think that’s fine. But this time, there is an issue about the name “Roomkop,” because there’s no room in here and there… But they are still being whipped into that kind of thing… Or is this not the whipped cream called?? I am very sad of this kind of silly discussion. The netherlands is doing is normal!! #ChocosoesXL

AvatarAuteurofficial_waylon_musicMoment of plaatsen14:17 – February 8, 2020zaterdag 15:30Georgina Verbaan asks her Instagram followers feel about her condition.”Because of people like me, among the previous image, as a bit of a condoleerden with my own death, it was just a ochtendhoofd a lot of people here, a proof of my will to live.”

Because of people like me, among the previous image, as a bit of a condoleerden with my own death, it was just a ochtendhoofd a lot of people here, a proof of my will to live. I’m at work. The wind is blowing and I’m just standing there.

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