Lack of clarity about execution autopsy Carrie Fisher

Lack of clarity about execution autopsy Carrie Fisher

There is uncertainty about what should be done with the body of the deceased actress Carrie Fisher.

The coroner in Los Angeles has the family of Fisher contacted with the question of whether the family gives him permission, an autopsy to perform, reports TMZ.

The daughter of Fisher, Billie Lourd, would the coroner to have been but was because of her grief at the loss of her mother making no decision and asked the coroner her father is Bryan Lourd to call.

Sources report that the lawyers of the family are now in contact with the coroner and there is still no clarity exists on whether or not to perform an autopsy. This is because it is unclear whether Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds, who one day after Fisher died, is buried.

Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher death

Cause of death

The coroner performs is normally an autopsy to see the exact cause of death. Fisher died of a cardiac arrest but the coroner may, for example, provide clarity as to the cause thereof, such as, for example, drug or medication use.

Family members may be the coroner also ask to see an autopsy, for example, for religious reasons.

The sudden death of Debbie Reynolds a day after Carrie Fisher has, according to insiders, the family into chaos and grief poured. It is still unclear whether mother and daughter are together to be buried, then Todd Fisher know that a joint funeral is probably the most obvious.

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