LA to be largest US city with the recreational marijuana

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The American city, known as the temple of the coastal elites is still a liberal.

Los Angeles — the home of sun, beach, palms, progressive bubbles, and Hollywood is the nation’s largest city with recreational marijuana, after the city Council voted on Wednesday to the license sales in the next year.

After months of debate and political pitfalls, to establish the Council approved rules to begin the commercial sale and cultivation in less than a month as part of an initiative approved by state voters.

Under the Los Angeles regulations, residential areas are largely off-limits to marijuana businesses, and buffer zones would be established, to schools, libraries and parks.

But with the new year just a few weeks — and the coming holidays — industry experts say it is not clear how many companies, if any, willing to open their doors on Jan. 1 to hordes of anxious customers.

If the demand is not satisfied in the legal market, then “they give oxygen to the black market, we all want to eliminate,” said Adam bourgeois, executive director of the Southern California Coalition for cannabis industry group.

California is among 29 States where marijuana is legal, either for medical or recreational use.

Los Angeles, the home of 4 million people, long has been an unruly border in the marijuana industry, where hundreds of illegal pharmacies and farmers are widespread.

Medical marijuana has been legal for decades in the state since the two.

The density of rules passed Wednesday dictate where marijuana is grown and sold in the new marketplace, along with how companies are licensed.

Companies that want to participate in the market, the local permits you need before you apply for state licenses are required to be in the year 2018.

“As legislators we have the responsibility, adequate regulation of this industry in a way that is safe, inclusive, and practical,” Los Angeles City Council President Herb J. Wesson, Jr. said on Wednesday.

The state and hundreds of cities are faced with the difficult task of trying to control the huge, emerging industry with a projected value of $7 billion. Some places have banned all commercial marijuana activity, while others embrace it.

Earlier this year, the city of the voters is in favour of a further attempt to control the local marijuana business, to the new rules.

The legal market is to impose seen as a way to, hopefully, squeeze the illegal operators, while bringing a cascade of new taxes for city hall.

In the background the widespread uncertainty about whether the trump administration will try to intervene in States where marijuana is legal.

Because marijuana is illegal in the eyes of the Federal government, there are large number of banks, suspicious of the business with dispensaries and growers, much of the business in cash.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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