L7 brings together for the first time in 18 years a new material – inspired by Trump

A song about a ‘mogul on a golden throne’ which ‘in deep shit’ is the first of two singles that the infamous riot grrrl band L7 this year will release, writes NME.


L7 was already two years on a comeback tour, new songs had the fans not yet before been. That was until 29 september 2017 counted. ‘Dispatch at Mar-A-Lago’ is the brand new brainchild of Donita Sparks, Suzi Gardner, Jennifer Finch and Dee Plakas, and the first of two singles that the band still in 2017 plant.

With lyrics like ” S. O. S. from the golden throne/’Mogul’s’ in deep shit, he’s all alone/It’s not good, a riot in fact/The whole friggin’ country club is under attack ” seems to be the song obviously inspired by American president Donald Trump, refuses Sparks him credit. “The music we already had and we found the idea of Mar-A-Lago, however hilarious, so we’re just words on set’, was the frontwoman recorded by Pitchfork. ‘For us, this is just a cool number to go outside.”

She adds that the band “absolutely not intended’ to be anything about Trump to write, but that they during screenings of their documentary (Pretend We’re Dead, ed) four days after the elections came out literally accosted with the words ‘Save us!’

‘So, it would almost be remiss of us to not comment on the current political situation. And, to be quite honest, we are one of the only bands that could actually fucking do it, ” says Sparks. “We have humour, we are outraged, and we draw to us something of the politics and the society.”

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