Kylie Jenner felt more pressure to be a role model to her daughter

After her daughter Stormi the beginning of 2018 was born, felt Kylie Jenner to his own words, a larger pressure to be a role model.

“Because I know that they to me to go and look,” says the realityster in conversation with Interview. “I want to be the best example for her.”

Jenner, who more than 129 million Instagram followers, says that the comments on social media every day of her life. “I can not remember, that there are not millions of people who in their opinion did about everything I do,” said the realityster.

“It hits me sometimes, but I have a feeling that I due have to God, because he knows that I can handle this.”

“For my company, I have only private money is used’

At the beginning of this month made zakentijdschrift Forbes announced that Jenner, the youngest self-made billionaire ever. The realityster got from all sides to hear they are here not for the full 100 percent responsible for, because they have rich parents, and that the term self-made, therefore, was unjustified.

Jenner says that this is nonsense. “Although I was a special case because before I started with Her Cosmetics, her make-up company, red.) I already had a large platform and a lot of fans.”

After her fifteenth got a Jenner no more money from her parents, tells the realityster. “For my company, I have only my own money, not a penny on my bank account is inherited. And I’m proud of it.”


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