Kushner Trump’s campaign staff said to avoid meeting foreigners, lawyer claims

Jared Kushner, was asked for more documents to the Senate judiciary Committee yesterday.

(REUTERS/Joshua Roberts)

A lawyer for the Senior Advisor to the President Jared Kushner said on Friday that his client is calling on members of the Trump-reject campaign, encounters with foreigners, “go home and claim they will have a separate access to the importance for themselves.”

Abbe Lowell made this statement in a letter pushing back against the claims of the leaders of the Senate legal Committee, the Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law, were not fully Russian actions in the last year, appears in his choice of sample is fight.

Committee Chairman sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and ranking member sen Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., Kushner Thursday asked for additional documents to the Committee, including the one sent to him, with WikiLeaks and “Russian backdoor-Overture and a dinner invite.”

The senators pointed out, you received documents from other campaign officials who were copied, or to Kushner, but he did not produce. These include, “September, 2016 E-Mail communication from Mr. Kushner about WikiLeaks.” It was revealed this week that Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr, corresponded with WikiLeaks, month, and later an E-Mail to multiple trump campaign Advisor to tell you about it.

Lowell said the E-Mail from Donald Trump Jr, was forwarded to his contact with WikiLeaks, Kushner, but he has not responded.

Apparently, the reference included taking on the E-Mail, that the senators called a “Russian backdoor-Overture and a dinner invite,” Lowell said, that was part of an E-Mail chain, biographies of different people. Lowell wrote that “there is a reference to one of these people, an idea, somewhere, sometime (before the words “Russia” or “Putin’ is politically charged or relevant in the campaign), and someone thought a candidate Trump should visit Russia.”

Lowell goes on to quote Kushner’s answer to E-Mail “Pass. A lot of people come who claim that the messages carry. Very few, we are able to check. For now, I think we are opposed to such meetings. Most of these people are likely to go home, and claim they will have a separate access to the importance for themselves. You have to be careful.”

The senators request is part of the panel’s probe of Russian election meddling, and whether the trump campaign has been involved.

The judiciary Committee is one of three congressional committees looking into the issue, together with the Senate and House intelligence panels. The committees need to be separately applied for and received thousands of documents from people in connection with the trump campaign, and conducted Interviews with dozens of people. Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller, to have a look in the interference.

In the letter to Kushner, the senators noted that they had asked him, documents, to, from, or copied to him “in relation to” certain persons of interest for investigators, but Kushner answered, no E-have been found Mails in which these individuals were sent E-Mails E-Mails received or were copied on them.

Lowell replied that Kushner had faith the judicial panel with the same documents that he had provided the intelligence panels, that would be enough, to the judicial request.

The Senate and House intelligence committees interviewed Kushner in July. The judiciary panel has also sought an interview with Kushner, but his lawyers offered to make the transcripts available from the other interviews will be held according to the letter. Grassley and Feinstein, to say the plates don’t have you to secure these records and ask Lowell to that access.

“I don’t understand why these committees do not have the transcripts to you, but we don’t have those transcripts,” Lowell wrote, adding that it would “double” if the committees do not share your transcriptions.

Fox News’ John Roberts and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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