Kunstdetective Arthur, Brand is age-old Islamic collection is back

The Dutch kunstdetective Arthur Brand has been the Iranian poetry of the fourteenth century have been found. It reports The Telegraaf on Friday.

The bundle is in jail, the Iranian poet, Hafez, which is estimated to be 1 million dollars, has been under Fire for years at the hands of a German-Iranian. After his death, discovered the survivors ‘ accounts of the purchased manuscripts, while the actual collection is without a trace, turned out to be. A lot of that was done in 2011 found, and the thief was convicted, but two of the top pieces were missing.

One book later, in England, has been found, the other is popped up only after the Fire at the end of 2018, with its own network had been switched on. – The stolen book of poetry, it would several times have been sold on to unsuspecting dealers.

The fire did the most recent sales, at the last moment to avoid it, and thus to ensure that the book has not been handed to the government of Iran. The secret police of that country would have been in use for some time in front of the beam, to have a number of years.

The kunstdetective is often in the news because of a remarkable discovery in the process. So, he found himself at the end of 2019 at the latest, the stolen ring, from Oscar Wilde to return. In september, he shared a photo of a painting, which was believed to be the Kunsthalroof, in 2012, had been destroyed.

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