Kroongetuige and the former Trump employee, Rick Gates, is given 45 days in jail

Rick Gates, a former campagnemedewerker of the Us president, Donald Trump, was on Tuesday sentenced to 45 days in jail and a fine of $ 20,000 (17.931 million).

The 47-year-old ex-lobbyist authorized by 2018, to be guilty of money laundering and millions and millions of dollars worth of lobbyinkomsten from the Ukraine-and lying to the FBI. Gates organized the inauguration ceremony of the Trump.

“I’m serious, sorry for my mistakes, and I have been working hard to fix them,” said Gates at the right. In addition to the prison sentence, receives the Gates to three years conditionally and to three-hundred hours of community service.

Gates also was given a heavy sentence remissions, thanks to his “extraordinary” co-operation with the public prosecutor’s office, among others, two of the most important issues surrounding a possible Russian intervention, with the Us presidential election in 2016.

Kroongetuige in two of the most important issues

The former lobbyist has testified that, after his confession, by 2018, against ex-lobbyists, and political consultants Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, who were persecuted under the framework of the Ruslandonderzoek.

Both of them are well-known names in the political circuit in Washington, dc and has played a key role in the election campaign of the Home. The Stone is of a very good friend and as an adviser to Trump, and, Manafort, was Trumps campaign manager.

The Stone, after he was found guilty, was found on seven charges, including obstructing the course of justice, and influencing a witness. (Photo: Reuters)

Gates was a major revelation

When the Gates at Stone testified that he did have a revelation that is crucial to the Ruslandonderzoek. He told us that Trumps campaign team, interest had been expressed in the hacked e-mails from, among others, Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee for president.

Those hacked emails were made in 2016 to be distributed by WikiLeaks. The question is whether He and his campaign team with a WikiLeaks contact to have the e-mail was one of the main issues of the Ruslandonderzoek. According to the Us intelligence services, were Russian spies behind the hacking.

Manafort has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison for tax evasion, bankfraude, and other crimes, including an attempt to bring the laundering of $ 30 million. It’s going to get the money that He earned while he was working as a Russian-backed political parties in Ukraine.

The Stone in February of his sentence. He has been convicted of lying to Congress about his contacts with WikiLeaks, and the influence of a church.

Manafort is to go to a court hearing brought into the courtroom in New York city. (Photo: Reuters)

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