Kristin Fischer: “it is Not expected that Hazes me so much, it would take

Antoine Fisher did when he came in 2012 for the first time in the role of Andre in the Cockpit, crawled’t expect the singer to be such a big part of his life it would become.

“He wants me to be as much established,” says Fisher, whose show Kristin Fischer is singing the hits of the Cockpit on the 23rd of september, will be premiered at the Royal concert hall in

“I had never considered that it could have been. When I initially asked for, I really doubt it,” he says, looking back on his role in the musical ” He believes in me (2012). “I think it’s very exciting to have such a great show for you to wear.”

In the meantime, behold, the 51-year-old singer and actor, who is in the Cockpit even once played in a movie, it’s like a kind of compliment that his name is so closely linked with that of the in 2004, the death of the singer.

“It brings me a lot of good things, it has so many positive things to me. And I think that is all of those things are also a lot of fun to do,” said Fisher.

“To me, this is really the only issue. If I don’t like to see you in, I would immediately stop doing so. Furthermore, it saves that, and I also have a lot of other things to do. I have my own song, I’ll be presenting a program on television, and I’m the last of the movie, the Guys in Miami and recorded it with Jim Bakkum. But the Cockpit is a large and exciting part of my life.”

‘The program has really done a good job’

In the television program to which Fischer refers is called the You had to be there, and has been for the past two weeks to be seen by AVROTROS. “Famous people tell the story that impressed them and made their life a new course has been given,” he says.

s of the story are re-enacted, including with me. We’ll do that with a wig and a moustache, it’s bigger than life. There are times when the stories on the subject. I think it’s really good.”

Scènefoto from Antoine Fisher sings the Hits of September. (foto: Raymond van Olphen)

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