Kraantje Pappie broke off the relationship due to hit

Kraantje Pappie broke off the relationship due to hit

Kraantje Pappie has a relationship a few years ago, lost because his number is Faucet a hit. The rapper now says that he thought “a lot of missteps” to commit if he’s in a relationship would have.

The musician, who is actually Alex van der Zouwen is called, had a three year relationship when his first single in the Top 40 ended up. “When I’m out of the venture. I’m now aloud to say that when my only reason was. Fucking ugly,” he says in Viva.

“I thought I put a lot of missteps would commit if I were in a relationship. Then Where is the Faucet exploded and I suddenly become a well-known Dutchman, was the life in one fell swoop to rock’n’ roll with everything that comes with it. People who for you to run, screaming girls, money in the bank. Go there but once.”

Eventually changed the rapper of thoughts. “It was addictive and easy to Kraantjemasker 24/7 to continue to wear. So around my second album, I thought: wait, is Alex still there? Who is that?”

“Hanging legs” went on, the rapper eventually returns to his ex, with whom he has a relationship. “Fortunately, she has me able to forgive. I’ve been very lucky, and I am now happier than ever.”

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