KPN: Fault 112 is likely to be caused by a software bug

The failure on Monday in KPN’s network, it is most likely to be caused by a software error. The presumption is “very strong”, says a spokesperson for KPN on Tuesday know the following is a blog post from the provider.

Due to the interference, on Monday, from about 16.00 hours to 19.00 hours, and was also the emergency number 112 is not available. KPN is the only provider whose network is available to make emergency calls to public safety answering points due to the switch.

What exactly has gone wrong, is the company still not clear, let the spokesman for KPN know about it. The service provider if the fault is still to be tested.

The error occurred in any of the four routeringssystemen of the company, as that will ensure that telephone calls are to be forwarded to the person the user is calling, or, in the case of an emergency call to the central monitoring station.

Calls to 112 are always forwarded to the network of KPN in belgium, which makes calls to the emergency number for clients on the network of T-Mobile, and VodafoneZiggo could not be reached.

The Second Chamber may sound, the desire for the network, T-Mobile, or VodafoneZiggo will have the ability to make calls to the control rooms of the emergency services to ensure that the 112 also, in the future, is completely dependent on the network of KPN in belgium.

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