Koos Alberts and wife only quarrel about small things

Koos Alberts and wife only quarrel about small things

Photo: Novum

Chose and Joke Alberts have in their marriage of fifty years, and almost never quarrel. “Then you go to time and you see each other just a few hours. But it always comes back.”

The topics of arguments, according to the singer. “That’s actually really unimportant things. If I get a new car or a television, says Joke, often Rubbish so Chose, we can do you want to do that.’ Real big fights are there, luckily not at us.”

The 70-year-old singer admits in the Telegraph interview about his relationship with Joan, who he met when he was 14 years old.

“As young as I was, I found her immediately a punch. At that time I got many gozertje a tap on his muzzle. Then they were on their Joke out, they wanted a date with her, but she was of me. I really did a lot for her to fight, but that is worth it all.”

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