Koopmeiners: “the rest,” we said, all that the Astana team was ripe for the slaughter’

Players from a-Z in the rest of the champions League game with FC Astana is already in the sense that they were on their way to a great result. The Alkmaarders immediately on Thursday, ultimately, 6-0 on the Kazakh team back, and made their biggest European victory since the early 1980’s.

“It could be worse, it was a good day”, wonder How Koopmeiners, after the victory at FOX Sports. “As a result of 6-0 in the group stage of the Europa League, which is saying something.”

Koopmeiners, with use of penalties is a major contribution to the victory, was, realized, however, that Astana is one-piece specimens seem more aggressive compared was the Manchester United from FK izan. At United (0-0) picked up in AZ on the home field, to a point, as well as in Serbia, the team with the 2-2 equal.

“It came a little more than the opponents in previous matches,” said the captain. “Manchester United wanted to play football and it Will be as well. We know that it is difficult to be snakten to get that first goal. It turned out the second one soon after, so we have roses for the reception.”

AZ searched for it from the kick-off of the attack and creating the necessary opportunities, but it was only in the final stage of the first half with a 2-0 through a penalty from Koopmeiners, and a goal is scored by Myron still doing it.

How Koopmeiners took advantage of two penalty kicks to the right. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

“We were hoping she was in a mental rut, to bring the

In the second half, and went into the Alkmaarders on the same foot, although it took until the 77th minute of the 3-0 Calvin Stengs was. Then it was argued Koopmeiners, as Yukinari Sugawara, and Oussama Idrissi score even more.

“We wanted them to have the pressure set at the many opportunities. Thus we hoped in a mental rut, to bring the” let Koopmeiners know about it. “We were saying in the rest is already said to each other that they’re ripe for the slaughter. It is the fact that we are in the second half to have four more made.”

A-Z has recorded, as his biggest victory in a European context, since the 1980s, when the Luxembourg’s Red Boys Differdange in the UEFA Cup, also by 6-0, it was defeated. Moreover, it was the fourth of the Club’s greatest European triumph for a Dutch club in this century. In 2000 the giant Ajax amsterdam in the UEFA Cup with a 0-6, over KAA Gent is going to.

The first win in the group stage, state of AZ, with five points from three matches and now second in the group of L. for Manchester United in the other match in the group with 0 to 1 and won by FK izan, to go with seven points in the lead. Over two weeks of waiting in AZ for the trip to Kazakhstan for the away game against FC Astana.

Position, a group L

  • 1. Manchester United Are 3-7 (2-0)
  • 2. AZ are the 3-5 (8-2)
  • 3. REMUNERATION Will be at 3-4 (4-4)
  • 4. FC Astana 3-0 (1-9)

Look at the scores, the standings, and the program will be in the Europa League

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