Koopmeiners glad to be dominant in AZ do not be discouraged, it was against royal Antwerp

The captain just joe Koopmeiners, is proud to be in AZ on Friday, despite a delay, not from the point made at the Royal Antwerp football club. The play offduel for the Europa League, in Enschede, the netherlands, ended in a 1-to-1.

AZ was in a dominant, but he is in the final stage of the first half of the season. The team’s coach as He Finally came in the 82nd minute thanks to Myron still doing it, still moving around.

“We have the rest, said to each other that we don’t sound like they had to be, because, otherwise, you will not even have more opportunities,” said Koopmeiners on FOX Sports.

“If you keep on trying, even though it is so often wrong, and then there will be a moment when the ball did fall. The same thing happened a couple of times, but we were just not pure enough to be in the finish.”

Thanks to a late goal of still doing it did Koopmeiners have a very good sense of direction, and the return on investment. “That goal was a very liberating and very, very important in the direction of the next week. We think that this is enough.”


Check out the highlights of the E-FC (1-1)

Castle is also pleased with the play of AZ

Also, when the trainer Finally prevails with a positive feeling after the match in Enschede, the netherlands. The former midfielder has insisted that the data from the a-Z of risk involved.

“As for the opponents, with nine people in his or her own, the sixteen will be able to use the ball very, very precisely played, and there is a foot located between said Slot.

“That’s the hardest thing in football. To get into the small spaces, to opportunities to get if you loved the play and the opponent in the public and corporate relations. That is what we have, it’s very well done.”

The line between Antwerp and in a-Z will be on Thursday at 19: 30 in Brussels, will be played. The winner of the two places for the Europa League.

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