Koopmeiners cold after a shot in the dark, ” But have had a hat-trick to make

How Koopmeiners was not to worry as he will on Sunday against PEC Zwolle for the first time in a long period of time with a free kick and missed it. As the leader of AZ’s lap and, after a rest, however, twice-tap in from the spot and led his team to a 2-0 victory.

Koopmeiners, if just for the peace and quiet for the first time to build from the 11-meter. That effort was turned in by THE goalkeeper-Michael Zetterer, so that the sides and the end to a nice series, at least the rake and penalties.

“He’s picked up “m is good”, complimented Koopmeiners Zetterer on FOX Sports. “Fortunately, we got there and then two more. But it’s a shame, because I actually had a hat-trick to make it. That was a very nice and quiet area.”

Early in the second half stalled, Koopmeiners not, then a-Z again, and a penalty kick was given. In spite of his mistake, he went for the ball, and he took his team to the lead.

“Penalty shots are also part of this responsibility. If you miss, you shouldn’t be sorry for doing it and another one with the penalty let them take it,” he said.

How Koopmeiners rejoices after his opening goal to the right. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

‘Do not turn power on in the run-up’

Koopmeiners was on his second penalty kick for the other side to go on his first deployment. Thus, he continued to Zetterer on the wrong foot. “I’ve had my run-up so figured out that I don’t have a flashing light turn on when I’m in the other corner, then go shoot it.”

Six minutes after the opening goal went in, the ball for the third time in the competition, the dot is to the right. This sent the Koopmeiners Zetterer to re-use the wrong angle.

The win over the ACADEMY, and the defeat of Ajax amsterdam for Heracles Almelo (1-0) is number two, – Z, now three points behind the leader.

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