Kompany, king of the communication

D-day -2 for the Red Devils for the match against Brazil, and it is time for the big guns. Bart Verhaeghe, head of the delegation of the Belgians, and Vincent Kompany, head of the delegation of the Red Devils, held their discourse. And they are not afraid of Brazil.

Vincent Kompany © Belga

It is often said that for a part of this golden generation is Russia will soon be an end point. Vincent Kompany wanted on an impressive show for the media so many have said (“that personal question about my future today, just a bit too much to’), but it is so. And then perhaps the theme determines the outcome of that one match Friday night in Kazan, the image they leave? Is this generation with the result of that one contest?

Yes and no. Kompany is intelligent enough to know that this is ‘our final’. ‘A defining game’, he described the opposite of a Paraguayan journalist. It is not that they have failed, if it will error due to expire, but that there is still ‘a’ next level’, if the Belgians manage to Friday Brazil to turn it off. That everyone believes that that is clear, even though on paper, he said repeatedly during a gig in flawless French, Dutch, English and German, the difference in individual qualities large. But football is always the sum of that talent and the added value of the collective.

This generation is a measure of, gold (“who is with that term actually come up?”) only if she wins the match. Her final win. Portugal, as compared Kompany, also had its golden generation, the previous, which is about ten, fifteen years ago, but they never won anything. Then you can difficult of a golden generation talk, you could hear him thinking. Want the same for the Belgians go, Brazil is right in the eyes be looked at (“we’re going to do”) and reports. Then she wins her final match, the Belgian team, and reaching that next level.

DNA remain faithful

At the same time this match is not decisive. What this generation did, is for a different DNA make of the Belgian football. Collectively attractive football, on the ground, attacking, dominating, lots of scoring. Individually also step making, all in their own way, to European top teams and there prices catchy. ‘That you this generation will never take it away’, found Kompany rightly so, whatever the result of the contest Friday night.

If it is the captain – all he has physically that band is not, since missing the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and the majority of the past two years interlandvoetbal – Belgium against Brazil are the new DNA remain faithful. That was a few hours earlier, even though Bart Verhaeghe. Kompany had it on the way to play football, on the ground, not back plooiend, not the counter play, nor physically football propagate.

Verhaeghe praised before the new mentality of these Belgians, who that head in the greenhouse of our country have long traded it for a lifted look in the direction of the world. Self-confident head dare stick out above ground level, a little bit of the world capturing. On his Dutch, as you want to. And in the background, praised the delegation also the floor of our football, in the width. Of the staff, the professionalism of the approach, the preparation of the future. Why would Verhaeghe prefer also not that the success of this tournament, was paced to the beat of Brazil, let alone the comparing of the match against Argentina. ‘That we are, four years after the previous world cup back in the best eight in the world, already the fruit of very hard work.”

Work that other people perhaps wouldn’t, hence their elimination. Verhaeghe: ‘Argentina, Spain, Portugal, all countries with more talent. But we have worked harder. And it must be even harder, we want to be there about two years, when, in the best eight!’

We get Friday night open match, between two teams whose talent in the offensive? Probably not. Kompany: ‘Brazil defends in block, and also falls in block. I expect that we are together in the first half what will scan. It so happens that often in this kind of competitions. They will get opportunities, we also. But, without a us attack, all the way to give away, we need our DNA to remain faithful to. No kamikaze play, but that we have never done this before, but true to our game.’

Kompany was not visible. Of the questions, the interest in this tournament, of Russia, of this umpteenth victory over himself and his body. That he is here, after all that work in the gym (“where the light is”), is for him already a victory. On his body, on his critics. A thousand times amortized, the same amount of time plus one fought back. A cat with dozens of lives. Data-wise was his performance against Japan, too much risk-free breedtepasses, too many lost duels, but that he at all after such a kalvarietocht of years on Friday for the kick-off is in the referentiematch of the tournament is already a victory worth. Of Japan he did not want much more to remember than the force that come back from 0-2 to 3-2 to him. Prefer will be against Brazil one more time, so it seemed to me, than winning ugly 1-0.

Occasionally took the dainty footballer in him. Not the relentless defender who’ll stand against Gabriel, Jesus and other team mates. That get, at most, advance a hug. Not on the field. And maybe in retrospect a comforting pat.

His victory he has already within, Friday kick wide on the forum. The final avant la lettre. Now even that of the team.

And then, the end? Kompany: “No. I prepared myself for a number of matches. First Brazil, then St. Petersburg and then Moscow.’

And then..

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