Koen Wauters has not enjoyed early Clouseau

Koen Wauters has not enjoyed early Clouseau

Clouseau this year celebrates its thirtieth anniversary, but singer Koen Wauters (49) does not like to return to the early days of the Belgian band at the end of the eighties.

“Those first years were so busy that I did nothing enjoyed have,” says Wauters in conversation with Humo.

“An express train that, but blééf voortrazen: you couldn’t even get off to it all even from a distance. Old images back is surreal: that am I not, that there is to singing. It is a young guy, and he seems to be on me. But I’m not.”

In particular, a performance in the Netherlands is in the memory of Wauters inscribed: “In Groningen we played a gig for per minute, on average, one girl faint. Ninety minutes long. The front stage had not yet been formed: there was no physical distance between us and the audience, and so were all those girls disposed over the stage, between the bassist and the guitarist!”


By the not to be conquered popularity, the band was forced to foreclose of the fans and the public opinion. That was the band bother.

“Eventually we talked only with each other. Day in, day out, we sat on each other’s lip,” says Wauters.

“We developed a private language, a sense of humor where no one even slightly understood. (…) But out of the cocoon was not an option. One morning I pulled my curtains open and I saw the tents of the girls on my lawn and had to stay overnight. (…) And then that constant commentary on everything you do or say it: confusing, though. Eventually doubt you at all.”

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