Koen Casteels: ‘Bayern is really a machine, especially when they play home’

Koen Casteels was last season in the team of the year of the Bundesliga. The Belgian goalkeeper of Wolfsburg looks forward to the start of a new campaign in Germany.

Koen Casteels © belgaimage

Koen Casteels on…

… the kwakkeljaren of Wolfsburg:

“I hope that we have the problems of the past two years behind us, and that we are back at European football can aim, where a club like Wolfsburg at home. The last two years we had five trainers, we shall be with Jörg Schmadtkeaan our third technical director in three years. That helped to ensure stability within the club. This was the peace of mind that you need to performance to look far.’

… the titelchallengers for Bayern Munich:

‘Bayern is really a machine, especially when they play home. Especially in the Bundesliga, they are impressive. Because they are already years on the same way to play football. They have one philosophy and buy players in their system, a bit like Barcelona. Never depart them there. If Schalke the line last year can continue, that of the outsider. In Dortmund we have to wait or Lucien Favre to the success that he’s with Mönchengladbach knew can repeat. If his system can impose, it can be something beautiful. That Hoffenheim the well was going to do, I had expected, but not that they would be places for the Champions League. Also in the past they have a lot of different trainers and managers. Now they work for three years with one sporting director, Alexander Rosen, and also trainer Julian Nagelsmann is there for three years. If you have a philosophy and you can transfer them, but you have to be one or two years.’

… the most underrated footballer in the Bundesliga:

‘Naldodie who was also in the team of the year was. At Schalke he is by that second place is much more appreciated than in Bremen, and Wolfsburg where he was a regular defender being viewed, while I found that he is positional always look good, so he can anticipate. But a lot of superstars, I can’t do so immediately to enumerate. You have a couple of clubs where a few star players make the difference, but most of them should still have their collectivity and work ethic. If that doesn’t work, there are setbacks. Wolfsburg was there in the last few years a good example of this. Two, three years ago, we have a number of players for a lot of money bought, but that is not true. Then you see that a club who has so much resources just difficult to even just in the Bundesliga.”

Read the full interview with Koen Casteels in our Plus-zone or in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of Wednesday 8 August.

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