Koeman pleased to have met wonderful people at the Orange is getting harder and harder

Head coach Ronald Koeman will be the only positive was given to him by the development of the Dutch national team and the progress for individual players is becoming more and more difficult to build on his selection and basiselftal.

“It is true that, for the first time in complex choices to be made, but that’s all to the good. That is part of a national team, ‘ said Koeman on Monday at a press conference in Zeist, the netherlands, in the run-up to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS kwalificatieduels the North of Ireland and in the republic of belarus.

This tries since joining the Orange is not too much to change from one interlandperiode to the other, because he fortified the strong holds, wants to make the team. In the meantime, the results have been for some time, and knock, there are a lot of young players are at the front door.

“The pressure is on the midfield and in attack, we have plenty of opportunities,” acknowledged Koeman. “All of the players to make for a development, which is a positive thing. It is up to us to make the best decisions for the team and for the opposing team. Maybe we will in the coming period, more and more, to more and more changes each game.”

“But the fact is that we have a vast selection of use, it has an important part in our success,” stated the head coach. “This group deserved it, too, that there is not a lot of changes. However, if a player is on the door, so much so that you won’t be able to stop it, then I will not do it. It is important that we have as far as possible, the Dutch national football team did.”

🔶 Is in the squad for the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifiers against Northern Ireland and the republic of belarus.

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“The Young, better-than-Weghorst to do something to force the issue’

Koeman was at the press conference, a lot of questions about his choices of selections. If he had to, not for the first time, explaining why he and Luuk de Jong this season, has not scored for a Hotel, however, the other party, and by Wout Weghorst with four Bundesliga matches, do not.

“I think The Young will still be better than Weghorst, if we really want to force it in a game, said Koeman. “But it’s also true that, Weghorst lot of points. My eyes are not as close to how a person performs at the club, but over the long term. I’m not for the chop-to-the-takbeleid.”

The coach will also always rely on midfielder Kevin Strootman, although a 45-fold), international on the Dutch team in the pecking order, past efforts have been made by Frenkie de Jong. “I can still see a role for Kevin to be in and out in the field. Maybe it is different for a number of months, but that is the same for all the players.”

Wout Weghorst was last weekend’s matchwinner for VfL Wolfsburg. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Koeman took calls on the talents not to be necessary

Koeman has chosen not to be debutantes at the calling for the matches with Northern Ireland and the republic of belarus. This means that, among others, a-Z talents, just joe Koopmeiners (21), and Calvin Stengs (20), a bit of patience is needed.

“One of the reasons for this is that the Young, Orange and the major competitions for the Young in Portugal, and the Young in Norway, and we want that team to the european CHAMPIONSHIP picks,” said Koeman.

“But if there’s really a person to have been a place well deserved, it was for the Dutch national team, has been crucial. Stengs, and a number of others are developing very well, and the long road to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, there is room for change. I found it to be not only necessary, for this period of time.”

E-players are just joe Koopmeiners (on the left), and Calvin Stengs (far right). (Photo: Pro-Shots)

The orange is third in group C

The Dutch national team, the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifying on Thursday with a home game against a competitor in the North of Ireland, in The Bowl (kick-off 20: 45). Three days later, a uitduel belarus in the Dinamo stadium in Minsk (kick-off 18: 00).

The team of Koeman, who, in the last interlandperiode victories over Germany (2-4), and Estonia (0 to 4) underwent, is busy at the moment with nine points in the third place in group f with a bang with a less played than in Germany and in the North of the island of Ireland. The number one and two in the group qualify directly for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS next summer, which is in twelve different countries, will be held.

Amber due to the performance in the Nations League, are still in the play-offs as a safety net, if you do not succeed the first or second place in the european CHAMPIONSHIP kwalificatiepoule.

State, group C european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifying

  • 1. Germany, 5-12 (17-6)
  • 2. The North Of Ireland, 5-12 (7-4)
  • 3. The netherlands, 4-9 (14-5)
  • 4. Belarus 5 To 3 (3 To 10)
  • 5. Estonia 5-0 (2-18)

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