KNVB, explains why there is no minute of silence in the Netherlands-belarus

The KNVB has Thursday explained why the EK-kwalificatieduel between the Netherlands and belarus don’t have a minute’s silence is held in remembrance of the victims of the attack in Utrecht.

The football association, who on Wednesday compared the AD let us know that the victims are not commemorated, responding to the statement on a lot of complaints that came in.

“For commemorations around matches of Orange is a protocol. The directive indicates that there is commemorated in official international matches if the government is a national day of mourning has been declared (something which is now not happened) or if it’s an icon from the world of football are concerned”, says the KNVB.

“It Is always easy to get such a directive to follow? No, certainly not. Within the football association to work for many people, people, all with their own opinions and emotions. Also with us is there much about the incident spoken. But that is precisely the reason why here once a protocol is drawn up. Discussions may not lead to a point where one incident as worse than the other should be labeled.”

In the shooting in a tram in the Utrecht neighborhood Kanaleneiland came Monday, three people are killed and attacked several wounded. One of the victims was as a football coach, a member of the KNVB.

‘Respecting neutral guidelines protocol’

The KNVB emphasizes that the severity of the incident can not determine. “That is why we have the past few years, the neutral guidelines of this protocol in this respect. Hereby, we follow the government, that determines whether something is a national day of mourning,” according to the bond.

“And we follow the UEFA, that the landenwedstrijden organises and international incidents on the agenda. So could the attacks in Brussels and across Europe are remembered.”

Further, let the KNVB know that it is there doing everything to help the victims at the national level to commemorate. This gives the amateur the ability to at the next competitions a minute’s silence.

“We hope with this explanation any insight to provide in us to act in this situation. Those who ask us about this, have sent, can be quick to expect a response.”

The EK-kwalificatieduel between the Netherlands and belarus is Thursday in the Kuip in Rotterdam played and starts at 20.45 hours. Sunday is Orange in the Johan Cruijff ArenA against Germany.

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