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After an impressive 0-4 win at rival Leicester City and the first national championship to Liverpool in thirty years ‘ time, a lot closer to home. However, dare to the manager, Jürgen Klopp’t actually have the title to talk about.

“I would take these stories must be able to write it,” said Klopp, on the Second day of Christmas against the journalists, which led him to the titelkansen asked. “It’s a story that, in the history of British football, never has a team been as big an edge it has given it away.”

“Well, it sounds to my ears negative). Why should we have to be something wrong with that thinking?”, early on, the German manager, out loud.

“I get asked this question every week. There is a gap of nine or ten, and now there are thirteen. The number of turns, but my answer is still the same. We need to focus on the game, and that’s all that matters.”

Liverpool has won eighteen versus seventeen times, and has a lead of three points at Leicester, and that, moreover, the duel is more played. The Manchester City has the fourteen points less and the same number of matches played, the team of Klopp.

Position the top of the Premier League

  • 1. Liverpool 18-52
  • 2. Leicester City-19-39
  • 3. Manchester City 18-38
  • 4. Chelsea, 19-32
  • 5. At White Hart Lane, 19-29
  • 6. Sheffield United 19-29

Liverpool have been waiting for thirty years at the national championship

Liverpool, with six of the victories in the uefa Champions League/european Cup I, and the most successful English club outside of the borders of the country, but in his own country for too long at ‘The Deck’ for success. In the last eighteen league titles, in the season 1989/1990 the route.

In the seasons that followed, as did Liverpool, and will often be enough to take the title. Last season he lost the team by Klopp, but the one competitieduel, but had to go to Liverpool, despite the 97 points and the title with Manchester City to let.

The last one is that Klopp wants to be, it is too early to applaud. “I can now tell you that we will be in the next five games against Wolves, Sheffield United, Everton, Tottenham and Manchester United are playing. You know, though, that there is nothing to decide, even though we are thirteen points in front.”

“We need to be at each and every team to have a minimum of one time play. And we’ll have to make sure that we are ready for it.”

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