Klopp: ‘the Fatigue and titelrace not a question for the winner against Leicester,’

The leader of Liverpool is on Thursday at the top of the Premier League on a visit to the closest competitor: Leicester City, after Sunday, only was coming back from the world cup for clubs in the united arab emirates. The Manager, Jürgen Klopp, however, thinks that his players have to be tired came back from afghanistan and are fighting well and that the team is already working on the title in the uk.

“I have to have my players asked if fatigue is a factor, but no one will feel tired,” said the German coach Tuesday at a press conference in the run-up to the top. “It helps, of course, the fact that the results are good, then you all suffer from pains.”

Liverpool played last week in Qatar at the world cup for clubs. A 1-0 win at Flamengo in the final, it was a Saturday, the last missing trophy added to the trophy case. The team, however, was Sunday night back on English soil.

“It took some adjustment”, but gave Klopp admitted. “But in the meantime, we’ll be back in the normal condition. My players will have all day Monday free, and I think they are a lot longer. That is, they need to do, so they can have their peace and quiet for a Thursday.”

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Liverpool think, despite the lead, not the title

The leader of Liverpool, and the number two of the Leicester meet on Thursday on the Second day of Christmas at the King Power Stadium. If the Reds win, they will come in at a whopping thirteen points ahead at the top in the Premier League.

“What we think is not too much,” says Klopp, however. “We don’t have such an advantage because we have all of the time that is ahead of thinking. We have every game this season, have been approached with 100 per cent concentration, and we now have to do this again.”

“All of the talk surrounding the speculation of what might happen; we don’t do this. It has absolutely no effect on us. We have been very, very good for us to be close.”

Jurgen Klopp celebrates the win of the world cup for the clubs that have players in the united arab emirates. (Photo: Getty Images)

Klopp is not surprised by the good performance is Acceptable

Leicester seems to be the season in many ways, it is back on the team during the season 2015/2016 won the national championship in the uk. It is no wonder Klopp was selected to be the ‘Foxes’ in the back do the right thing.

“With Jamie vardy granted, they have one of the best strikers in England, since I have been here. He scores from anywhere. But Leicester is more than a vardy granted, Brendan Rodgers does a great job”, praised the 52-year-old German opponent on Thursday.

“Some people are still surprised about where they are right now, but if you look at the exceptional quality that they have, it may actually not come as a surprise. We will, as always, is on top and the need to be prepared to have a good result.”

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