Klopp enjoy 75 amazing minutes in the Liverpool-Manchester City

Jürgen Klopp was very pleased with the way in which Liverpool on Sunday, with a 3-1 won by rival Manchester City. According to the manager went out of his team, it’s a winner.

“If your City wants to beat it, you have to be an intense match-making. In the last quarter, it was still very exciting, but when we saw the quality and what my players are capable of. Prior to that, had 75 amazing minutes,” said Klopp.

“We have players from the City, the City is not in the game, and that it is not so easy. Otherwise, there would be more teams that they should handle it.”

After thirteen minutes it was 2-0, through goals from Fabinho and Mohamed Salah, and after peace was Sadio Mané it 3-0. On the day that made Bernardo Silva, to give something back. Liverpool are now eight points clear of Leicester City and Chelsea, and nine out of the Manchester City centre.

“We have had three great goals and that is exactly what is needed in this game. Against the City, the City will not be easy to meet your goals, so there is a little something extra is asked, and at the same time, we have to hand, and had to be defended. That’s what we’ve done,” said Klopp.

“Every point counts, because there will be a very tough period of time. There has to be a later in the season a second time at the hotel. We don’t look too much into the league table, but are just trying to get fit and to stay with all of us.”

Mohamed Salah put Liverpool in an early on 2-0. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Guardiola: “We have got a great played out’

The City’s manager, Josep Guardiola, despite the defeat at Anfield is also pleased with his team. According to the Spaniard, he could not have done more from his players than what they showed.

“We have a great play and I think not a lot of teams in this state that say. Liverpool scored in the first doelpoging, but we’ve just done,” said Guardiola.

The major disadvantage to Liverpool, and he is not sure. “There are three teams that have a better chance at the championship than we are. It was not until november, so anything can happen.”

After the interlandperiode going to Liverpool next week on a visit to middenmoter of the Crystal Palace. The City is waiting on the same day as a winner, because the team Guardiola will play at home against Chelsea.

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