Klokkenluiderrapport: “the White House wanted to call Home, with Zelensky non-disclosure’

The inlichtingencommissie of the U.s. House of Representatives last Thursday, an amended version of the klokkenluiderrapport is released, which plays a central role in the forthcoming inquiry into a possible impeachment procedure against the president, Donald Trump.


  • He would be the Ukrainian president is under pressure to have to do some research for Joe Biden.
  • In the previous week, suspended Home, financial assistance to Ukraine.
  • Democrats are having preliminary to the impeachment procedure was announced because of the abuse of power.

The report deals with the relationship between the Home and the Ukrainian government. The events of the intelligence service, made almost two weeks ago, the internal reporting of “inappropriate” actions of the president.

The report also warns that he will ensure that the Home to his power that is abused when the Ukrainian president asked to be involved in the elections by the year 2020. Also, attorney general john William Barr, and the Trumps attorney Rudy Giuliani would be the price to have a role to play.

The previously leaked, though that is a part of the report is a call-in that He on the 25th of July, with the Ukrainian ambtsgenoot Volodymyr Zelensky suicide. In this conversation, He requested in a corruption investigation has to start at Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

The Transcript was treated as “sensitive information”

The whistleblower wrote in the report that the government employees, who at the time was on the point of the call was “very upset” and that she immediately thought that the president’s power had been abused. At the end would be the lawyers from the White House, have talked about how to work with this issue have had to deal with it.

All of the talks of the president with the government, then, is to be of transcripts is preserved. Normally, to get government employees here, from inspection, but from the report it appears that the White House is the talk of the 25th of July, has been trying to keep up.

The lawyers of the White House, it would have been given to the staff to make the call, save it to a special electronic system, which is normally the only “sensitive information” is maintained.

Complaint of the whistleblower, not to the Congress are sent to

In the complaint, the whistleblower, is in two weeks ago and already have internally, handled by the supervisor, who see it as “urgency, concern, and credibility”, has retired. Usually, such issues are at the same time, be transmitted to the Congress, but in this case it is not the case.

Joseph Maguire, who in this summer, He has been appointed as an executive director of the U.s. information agency, and held that the report from, because it is not related to an employee of the intelligence service”.

Muscle bears witness now in the Congress over the issue. He is sticking to it’s point of view. On the question of whether or not the content of the complaint is not shocking enough, not only to be found later, and he does not have a clear answer. Also, wil Maguire, will not say whether or not he will work directly with Trump and spoke to the committee. “All of the conversations that I have with the president are confidential”.

The director of the information, in addition to during the hearing and confirmed that he was the whistleblower consents to go and bear witness to this.

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