Klobuchar is struggling with questions on late-term abortions, when they are pressed, by Meghan McCain

in the vicinityVideoSome conservatives warn of strict state abortion bills could backfire

Missouri’s Republican-controlled Senate decides on a bill to ban abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy; Jonathan Serrie reports.

Minnesota Senator and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar fought to answer questions about late-term abortions, when you press “The View” co-host Meghan McCain on Friday.

The segment on abortion began with Klobuchar said she was “extremely concerned” that there will be an effort to overturn Roe v. Wade, adding that the “guys” in the Alabama state Senate, the law that bans almost all abortions in the state, “take us back.” However, liberal co-host Joy recognized Behar that women sponsored the bill in the state house of representatives.

Klobuchar went on to blame President Trump for “the starting point of this movement,” quoting the remarks which he prohibited in the election of 2016, when MSNBC ‘ s on down Chris Matthews Trump, whether the women should be punished if abortion were hypothetical. Trump said it would probably be “a punishment” for women.

“You look at the attack on the health of women, it is everything, what to choose from the right to to defunding planned Parenthood to take the Affordable Care Act, which means that you could be kicked off their insurance for pre-existing conditions,” Klobuchar said.

“And what is really interesting about it is, whether you are pro-life, pro-choice, we actually saw a decline in abortions in the past, say, ten years ago during the Obama time and that is a good thing! Everyone would agree to that. Why? Since we had contraceptives more available, because we funded planned Parenthood. And the irony of what you are doing, and the tragedy of what you do, while you choose the woman removed the right to, are you trying to get your right to contraception.”

McCain then asked to weigh Klobuchar on the controversial remarks made by embattled Gov. Ralph Northam, D-Va, proposed in January that women and their doctors should have a “discussion” about what should be done, try and have a baby who survived an abortion.

“Democrats look like they have to get very extreme on this issue and I think it went from the party” safe, legal and rare ” to “a conversation about late-term abortions up until birth with the help of Ralph Northam controversy,” McCain said. “You are for what he said, or late-term abortion, or the moments that he spoke, where he would hold a woman ‘comfortable’, as she was the birth in case she wanted to abort her third term, child?”

“I don’t know all of his comments, but what I do know is that I am looking for a woman the right of choice over her own body,” answered Klobuchar.

“But you’re not up for late-term abortion,” McCain said, try to clear up.

“The is not replied what are we talking about here,” Klobuchar.


Behar then he rushed to say to Klobuchar defense, that late-term abortions are “rare” and if the child is “in trouble” because of his health.

“But this is a cultural conversation that’s happening everywhere,” McCain continued.

“Because it is based on a lie,” Behar shot back.

“I don’t think it should say be difficult to, ‘I’m not for late-term abortion in the third term,” McCain, after suggesting that Klobuchar wich of your question. “I don’t think it should be, not to say controversial.”

“I think that your argument has been debunked actually,” co-host Sunny Hostin in mixed.

“Not, it has not but it has not.” McCain responds strictly.”It was not debunked.”

After co-host Ana Navarro said the issue of abortion is a double “nuanced,” McCain, to say that late-term abortions are “pretty black and white.”

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