Klobuchar calls Buttigieg for the loss of past campaigns

nearvideo Chris Stirewalt on sharp elbows, feuds and personal attacks on democratic presidential debate

Six democratic 2020 hopefuls took the debate stage in Las Vegas before the Nevada Caucuses; reaction and analysis from Fox News-politics-editor-in-chief Chris Stirewalt.

LAS VEGAS – Sen. Amy Klobuchar in question, Pete Buttigieg, the ability to win – the debate repeatedly appear to clashes between the two Democratic presidential candidates, are always personal.

The senator from Minnesota at the goal of former South took Bend, Ind., Mayor elections track record in an interview with Fox News following Wednesday night the nomination of the Democrats debate in Nevada.


Refers to the strong desire of the Democrats to choose the candidate, the defeat of President of trump in November, the General election, Klobuchar illuminated Buttigieg unsuccessful 2017 bid for the Democratic National Committee chair and his 2010 defeat for Indiana state treasurer.

“We want to win as Democrats. Let’s look at what is happening. He lost his bid for the Democratic National Committee [chair], and he lost his bid, if he said land supply far in Indiana,” Klobuchar. “We put the whole ticket in the hands? It makes no sense.”

Their comments came minutes after what seemed to be open hostility between the two Midwestern candidates on the debate stage.

If Klobuchar defends to remember your failure in the last week in an interview with Telemundo, the President of Mexico adopted the name as a “momentary forgetfulness,” Buttigieg on the target, said: “you’re staking your candidacy on your Washington experience. You’re on the Committee, which monitors border security. You’re on the Committee, that non-trade.”


And turning directly to Klobuchar, he added: “they are literally part of the Committee that the oversight of these things and were not able to, literally the first thing about the politics of the country for the South.”

Klobuchar immediately shot back, he asks: “Are you trying to say that I’m stupid? Or if you are mocking me here, Pete?”

Later, after Buttigieg Klobuchar, the voice suggested to confirm with the President of the controversial Customs and Border Protection representative, Klobuchar replied, “I wish everyone was as perfect as you, Pete.”

“But let me tell you how it is, in the arena,” she said.

Asked by Fox News about the sharp exchange with Buttigieg, Klobuchar said: “I mean, Yes, sarcastic because he is someone who smashes a lot of conversation. I’m someone who actually does the work.”

And brings his criticism of their failure to remember, the Mexican President, the name, the senator added: “He is someone who seized on an error and then behaves as a whole campaign.”

Buttigieg – in a post-debate interview with Fox News belittles the bitterness between the two candidates.

“It was about politics. I think, however, that, if you run a senator on their experiences in Washington, you should be prepared to defend your votes, and I called some of the voices I do not agree,” he said. “We just have a difference of opinion about policy, and I think we should have a discussion on that.”

Both Buttigieg and sen Bernie Sanders of Vermont have declared victories in the Iowa Caucasus, and Buttigieg, a close second to Sanders in the last week are the primary finish in New Hampshire.

After a disappointing fifth place in the neighboring Iowa, Klobuchar, finished a strong third in New Hampshire.

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