‘KLM-passengers can be affected by new rules Trump’

‘KLM-passengers can be affected by new rules Trump’

The re-entry ban to the United States for people from seven countries have set up is a fait accompli, where airlines such as KLM are required to follow. KLM is “surprised by the new measure from the US”.

The inreisverkod may mean that passengers affected by the new rules, explains a spokesperson of KLM on Monday.

Last Saturday was KLM announced that seven travellers to the US, wanted to travel, forced to behind had to stay at Schiphol airport because of the re-entry ban. Also Sunday were passengers stopped “It makes no sense that people to take, because they’re also straight back must take,” said the spokesman.

Large protest in Washington against re-entry ban


Also to risk the airlines that the rules to their boot and the rags a penalty. How high that fine could the president not say, because KLM “that is not on the had a hand.”

According to KLM, it is difficult to estimate the extent to which travellers make their trip now cancel by the more stringent policy in the US.

Again protests against Trumps category

In New York marched around ten thousand protesters to the building of the immigration.

Also at the airport of San Francisco was protested.

In Washington D. C. there were large protests at the White House.

Protesters walk in the direction of the White House in Washington.

In Washington, it was later in the evening a torchlight procession walked to the observatory, as a protest against the re-entry ban.

Also at the airport Sunday evening to protest against the entry of Us president Donald Trump.

For the main entrance of the airport held a crowd signs up with texts such as ‘refugees welcome’.

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