Klaas van der Eerden I was not sure if the role in ” The Passion of hypocrisy, it would have been

In addition to, among others, to Tim, He (Jesus), Trijntje Oosterhuis (Mary), and Soy Kroon (Judas) is: Klaas van der Eerden added to the cast of The Passion. The comedian and presenter is going to be one of the disciples to play, but she is in a conversation with he initially had doubts about his involvement.

As of Honored by The Passion the team have been asked, and had he thought for a moment. “No, I’m not kerkganger, and not really religious. I think faith is very pretty, but don’t be so sure. I’m seeking for. So, I’m wondering if it’s not hypocrisy, it would have been if I were to do something like this.”

He called, and then the production team back in his days. She explained to him that The Passion is not only for the Stories it tells, but it is also about friendship and the theme of Freedom. They don’t, Van der Eerden, however, is in finding it. “It’s the theme I like, and at home I have a catholic background, and I used to go to the st. Matthew Passion would have been. And, of course, it is great to have such a great event to do with this.”

Of of the Serve to play to be a disciple of Jesus, one of his loyal followers. The presenter will recognize themselves in the role of, “Yes, I am a loyal friend. But I was also like the same opportunity in order to, for example, to Judas, to play; nothing is more enjoyable than a bad guy to play with. If I had a gold keeltje it had been, I would have liked to have done (as the disciples do as opposed to the larger reels will not have to sing, eds.).”

“Do try to humor for us”

Among the more humorous side in a variety of television programs, Of already have some experience with acting. “That was a big play, you need more to stay true to yourself, and that, for me, a challenge. The common thread in my career has been humor, so I’m going to be a bit of a try to do this on a to find. I have an idea of what I want to do with it, but this production is, of course, didn’t care about me.”

The tenth edition of The Passion will take place in Roermond, the netherlands, and is being organized by the broadcasting REALITY and TV-SERIES.

On Wednesday it was announced that She Ragas, and Lucille Werner, the disciples play on the show. There are also small roles for, among others, the actor Cas Jansen-First-Dates-bartender, Victor Abeln.

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