Kirstie Alley denies rumors that John Travolta is gay, says that she is in love

Kirstie Alley slammed rumors that her friend, John Travolta, is gay.

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Hollywood superstars Kirstie Alley and John Travolta are so close they have a hole in the fence between their properties, so that they can have private access to each other’s mansion.

They are also the most high-profile, long-serving members of the controversial Church of Scientology.

And for a long time that they were madly in love, but never consummated their relationship — a fact that has contributed to a year of well-publicised claims about the ‘Grease’ star’s sexuality.

But in a deeply personal exclusive interview about her A-list of leading men, the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ runner-up reveals that she was the one for her ‘Look Who’s Talking’ co-star because she was determined to remain faithful to her then-husband Parker Stevenson.

She says: “John would agree that it was mutual, that we kind of fell in love with each other.

“I will say it is one of the hardest things I have ever done, is the hardest decision I’ve ever made, because I was in love with him, we were fun and funny together.

“It was not a sexual relationship, because I’m not going to cheat on my husband. But you know, I think there are things that are much worse than the sexual relationships, then cheating on someone that way.

“I look at what I have is even worse, because I actually let myself fall in love with him and stay in love with him for a long time.”

If I ask Kirstie, 67, as she thinks her best friend is gay, she vigorously shakes her head and says, while swooning: “No I don’t. I mean, I know him pretty well and I know that love…”

John had his current wife, actress Kelly Preston, 55, for the recording of their 1989 hit movie and ended up in a serious relationship with her on Kirstie’s advice.

Kirstie explains: “When it became clear that I was married, he started seeing Kelly again.”

But when Kirstie continued her flirtation with John, 64, after the filming of the sequel to ‘Look Who’s Talking Too,” Kelly stepped in.

She recalls: “Kelly came up to me and they were married when she said,” Hmm, why are you flirting with my man?”

“And that is a little bit when I had to make a decision and that was the end of that.”

Now Kirstie is “best friends and kindred spirits” with John and Kelly — and she was convinced that was the right decision.

She says: “John and I would have devoured each other because John and I are so alike. It would be like two glowing stars that just fizzle out. John goes to bed, when four or five in the morning and wake up at three o’clock in the afternoon.

“I go to bed at nine o’clock at night and wake up at five o’clock in the morning are, in principle, we would not have seen each other. It would have been a disaster.

“And it turned out great, because we remained the best of friends all these years. They live next door to me! We want to come through the gate. It is pretty funny.”

Kirstie opens up about her extraordinary life and all her legendary love interests in a fascinating new episode of “The Dan Wootton Interview’ podcast, which can be downloaded for free now on all podcast platforms.

The actress — who last week was runner-up in ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ — also reveals she called for Patrick Swayze, her co-star in the Eighties TV series ‘North And South, “”the last temptation of Christ” by their mutual attraction.

“He was married and I was married, it was so hard to resist him,” she admits.

“So it was like fighting that temptation, because I really liked his wife.

“It’s one of those things that people would probably divorce over and out of each other.”

They last saw the ‘Dirty Dancing’ icon in the three years before his death in 2009 at a charity fundraiser and had to leave because her feelings were so strong.

She recalls: “I sat next to him and his wife at this banquet. I was so proud because I didn’t ward off of the last temptation of Christ, right? But after about two hours of sitting there, I was like ‘I’m going to leave’ because then I was single and he was still married, it was just not good.

“His wife asked me to speak at his funeral, and I was really happy, because he is a great great person – he had more energy than a person in the universe.”

Kirstie is probably best known for her role as Rebecca Howe in US TV’s “Cheers.” During filming, co-star Woody Harrelson would constantly come with her, but she didn’t mind.

She says: “He knocked on my bedroom door and go, ‘So you want to come and have sex with me?” and I would go ‘No’.

“He is crazy, right, but if I came out and said: yes, I would have sex with him.”

In fact, Kirstie believes, the antics on the set of the iconic Eighties sitcom set in a Boston bar, would be considered deeply inappropriate today, including her desire to nude photos of lead actor Ted Danson. She says: “When I saw him naked we were trying all different ways to break into the bathroom when someone is taking a shower.

“So my image of Ted had his head cut off and then he was just naked, but we did that kind of stuff all the time.

“I don’t think you would get away with it now, right? Someone would say that you are sexually harassing each other. I would be in jail. Everyone in the Cheers cast would be in prison. No kidding.”

Lawyers warn, however, Kirstie and her co-stars on the Nineties comedy Veronica’s Closet on sexual harassment on the set, but she didn’t want to be at the meeting seriously.

She says: “I had” f— me’ written across my chest and as my breasts hanging out I looked like a total whore. It is sad if you can’t jack with your friends.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, Kirstie regard to the current #MeToo-movement is started to go too far.

She argues: “I think that you are a person who is raped a great disservice by saying that someone pushes you against the wall and kissed me or knocked me on the ass.

“And I feel like everyone got thrown in the mix, or they had done something of magnitude or not — and I think that was not fair for men.

She adds: “If a man pushes you against the wall and kisses you simply to ‘Stop kissing me’, end of story.

“Because if a man is interested in you and you are interested in him and he pushes you against the wall and kisses you, you’re happy he kissed you.”

Kirstie reveals that she personally avoided any inappropriate behavior of male entertainment executives like Harvey Weinstein, who she labels a “pig” by having one simple rule.

She says: “I decided that I would never meet anyone for a meeting, unless it was during business hours in the office, so I didn’t go to the nightly meetings, I would not go to someone’s hotel room at 12:30 in the night.

“If something were to happen, there would be no witnesses.

“I never had an experience like that in everything, I felt at one point like, what is wrong with me? Was I not pretty enough?

“Am I not beautiful enough to try and have sex with on a casting couch? It’s just never happened.”

These days, Kirstie, who is happy in one, is only approached by much younger men.

She says: “The guys who are interested in me are too young for me. I’m not the girl that is going to be comfortable the 28-year-old boyfriend. I not only don’t want a toyboy, I don’t want to have a holiday with my son, who’s 26 and my lover who is 28! I can’t do it. I’m a grandmother.”

But, she adds with a wink: “I will always have fun with the 28-year-old boys. They are nice, they have a lot of energy.

“The boys of my age are, like f—ing dead, they are just like the night of the living dead. You know, they are just boring, oh my God, boring, they are so serious about everything.”

Men aside, Kirstie has an expensive lifestyle to maintain, including care for her unusual pets.

She says: “in some circles, may I never have to work again. Not in my circle, I am very eccentric, I give much money away, I spend a lot of money, I have 16 maki’s, because I love animals.

“I want some money. I have to say, so if you really, really sick, and about 87 please apply. My ideal man would just watch movies and eat popcorn and tell jokes, that’s about it, and maybe we would have sex when we’re not lazy.

“That’s kind of the guy I’m looking for, that is actually gay, see?”

But on a deeper note, it is only in recent years that Kirstie has the confidence to realize cheated while young and glamorous was not a reflection on her.

She says: “This is so sick, but if someone cheated Angelina Jolie and someone cheated on Halle Berry, I thought, ‘Oh my God, maybe I’m not so ugly.

“Is that not weird that you like a man is cheating on you, because you think you have no f-ing good enough, beautiful enough.

“It has given us the most beautiful women in the world being tricked, I mean it’s crazy.”

This article originally appeared in The Sun.

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