Kipchoge, ” Will be a generation of people to see that there are no limits to his

That Kipchoge is confident that he will be there on Saturday, in Vienna, to succeed in being the first athlete ever to run the marathon inside two hours. The 34-year-old Kenyan, has as its purpose to demonstrate that a person is capable of anything.

“I have to run to the history books, to show them that anything is possible. It’s not about the money, it’s important that I have a whole new generation of people who wants to show you that there are no limits,” he said Thursday at a news conference in Vienna, austria.

Kipchoge has the world record for the marathon is in your hands. He came out last year in Berlin in a personal best of 2.01,39, was the first man ever to reach the 42,195 km in two hours and two minutes of walking around.

“The marathon of Berlin and Vienna are very different. In Berlin, and went on to win and set a world record run. Here, as in Vienna, it feels a little bit like I was the first man to reach the moon, really.”

Profile of a marathon runner That Kipchoge

Kipchoge thinks the ideal conditions to be found

Kipchoge and his team are convinced that Vienna is the ideal condition for a marathon within the next two hours. The road is straight, flat, and stands in a sheltered location in the trees. In addition, it seems that the air quality is remarkably good.

“I feel really good. I’ve been on the trail walking and it is very, very good. I am getting ready for a Saturday morning. My wife and my three kids for the first time. It means a lot to me. They want to be at this historic event.”

Kipchoge runs a little more than four times in a round, 9.6 miles on the Hauptallee in the Prater, a large park in the center of Vienna, austria. He’s getting help, 41 position, such as the Norwegian brothers, Henry, Philip, and Jacob Ingebrigtsen.

That Kipchoge poses at his press conference in Vienna, austria. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Kipchoge did it two years ago as an attempt to

Kipchoge did two years ago on the race track of Monza, all in a bid to have the ‘magic’ barrier of two hours to break down. He was there when the 25 seconds are up (2.00.25).

This time, however, may not be recognised as a world record because of the race, including many of the masters did not comply with the rules of the international athletics federation (IAAF).

The start of the race, Kipchoge, in Vienna, will be on Saturday, between 5.00 a.m. and 9: 00 am sound to them. It is not until Friday and make a decision based on a consideration of the the latest weather forecasts.

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