Kim Feenstra wants to remain attractive to friend

Kim Feenstra wants to remain attractive to friend

Kim Feenstra think that they can deal with ageing, but they find it important that they look good is not provided. “I want to remain attractive to my husband.”

“So he can think: damn, that still looks good! Sometimes I see couples walking and I have to wonder: what is the matter with you happened? You will look no more to each other? That I find unfortunate. You should be checking for each other continue to do,” says the 31-year-old Feenstra is in conversation with Grazia magazine.

According to the model, “it’s all about acceptance”. “I am now at an age where I myself more embrace. But I do think that I always will continue to ensure that I have good appearance.”

For Feenstra is her body “her temple”. “I try to skimp on, but I am also a hedonist. The one week I can completely disconnecting, a lot of eating and drinking, and the other week I can be very strict for myself. So I keep balance and keeps it fun.”

A so-called ‘fitgirl’, the model will never be. “I think it’s great if you like lines and shapes in a body, but a woman must be a woman continue to be. (…) They must be soft. I see her rather with a small stomach than with a superafgetraind body.”



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