Kim Feenstra: “My friend didn’t have to jump in to the reality tv series’

Even though Kim Feenstra’s model, however, is accustomed to being surrounded by cameras, the setting was a little awkward when she decided to start her life and to document in a reality show. In a conversation with she says that her boyfriend, Stanley, We are in the first instance, not a big fan of the idea.

“Stanley, there was no right to jump in when the idea came to him last,” says the model. “I just told him that he knew of no part would have to be on the show, because that is what I was able to. We have been talking about it and came to the conclusion that we are to be an important a part of each other’s life. Therefore, we have decided parts of our lives, at the same time, filming it.”

Since last Monday, it is the first installment of the LIFE of KIM to see it in the Video. Feenstra explains that she chose the reality show to take, as they say, with a lot of fun projects in-progress, including her work as a model and a photographer, and the rebuilding of her home and her business.

Feenstra and tried for her life before her followers as a vlogger, but it turned out to be nothing in front of her. “In the vloggen you have the time to record it and after that you have to assemble it, and it was here that I really don’t have time for this. I would, however, have a lot of respect for vloggers.” The model is sat on its vlogprobeersels that there is an interest in her day to day life. “The people were fun to be found in order to know what a day in my life looks like, and how will it be going on behind the scenes at a photo shoot.”

Kim Feenstra and her friend Stanley, the Tailor’s version of “The Lion King”. (Photo: Bruno Press)

“For me, it was a film, in the bedroom, the only taboos

It’s a model that’s broke because of her win in Holland’s Next Top Model in 2007, laid out in advance, not a lot of rules to the team with which they work. “For me, it was really only in the bedroom, a taboo subject for the shoot.” For the rest of it, if all is well, will be shown to you. “As long as you choose to make a reality show about your life as it is, I think, also, that you go all the way to go.”

This approach has the consequence that the Ribes do not always be happy with themselves as they are the images of the participants. “Sometimes I think,” oh Kim, why did you not consider and why did you not have your hair and make-up done. However, I think that it is not as authentic-feeling as if I had constantly in mind, please.”

Also, notice that they are quite a flapuit it is. “In the second part, I am for example very tired, and then I listen to on the way to an interview with Radio 538, only that it is also in the audience is there. Then, I will call it that, I didn’t feel like I have to be social with people. If I can, later, see, I was right, that it might be the wrong approach. Then it’s on to myself, however, what is more nuanced, but at the same time, this is who I am.”

“I’m not one of the easiest to work with’

Ribes is especially pleased that the viewers can see that she is much more than just her modelling career, and her life is not only glamour shoots. “Especially for the younger generation. On social media, you can see it is often a distorted view of reality. People who think, for example, is also often found that I staff to you, but that is truly American practice.”

Even though the model does not need to be creative on the mounting, it is known to be closely involved at all stages of the LIFE-RAFT. “The team is all in agreement with me, and that is a very, very good. I have a lot of respect and admiration for how they have dealt with. I am certainly not one of the easiest to work with. I was late, well see how I do and do not want to, and that you are in my life. Fortunately, our noses are the same way, and are a very good team.”

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