‘Kills 232 people in Mosul’

‘Kills 232 people in Mosul’

Photo: AFP

The terreurbeweging Islamic State (IS) on Wednesday in Mosul in the north of Iraq, 232 people have been killed. A spokesman of the UN reported Friday that the victims are civilians and former members of the Iraqi security forces.

According to the spokeswoman of the UN refused to accept the victims orders of warriors that IS to follow.

The terrorist group would also now have nearly 8000 families have been kidnapped. Would the families in the defense of Mosul as human shields and want to use.

According to CNN, thousands of houses in Mosul to leave. Would use it to there fighters in and for the placing of booby traps. Several hundred IS fighters would of Raqqa in Syria to Mosul travelled to help in the defense of Mosul.

Thursday, it was announced that between eight hundred and nine hundred fighters of the Islamic State (IS) since the beginning of the offensive in Mosul have been killed. This is reported by the American general General Joseph Votel to AFP.

Votel is one of the American generals in the field support to the operation. In september sent the US six hundred additional soldiers to Mosul.


Mosul is in the hands of Islamic State. Last week Monday started the Iraqi army and Kurdish units to advance towards the city, with the support of, among others, the Americans and the Turkish army.

Mosul is the second largest city of Iraq and is of great strategic importance. For example, it is the city where IS-leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in 2014 from a mosque by the caliphate proclaimed. The attackers now have a few villages in the area conquered. The Iraqi army is now only a few kilometres from the city limits.

Since the beginning of the Iraqi-Kurdish offensive against Mosul according to the Iraqi government that 12,000 people fled.

According to aid agencies of life the residents of Mosul between hope and fear. On the one hand, they see to liberation, on the other hand, the associated violence, getting closer and closer.

In the picture: Iraqis flee Mosul

The UNHCR is getting ready to about 150,000 fleeing Iraqis to catch in tent camps outside the war zone.

A white flag is from vehicles hung to show that unarmed civilians will be transported.

UNHCR sends more tents and aid packages to the affected areas. Bruno Geddo, the spokesperson of the organisation, warns of a humanitarian disaster if the flow of refugees increases.

Food parcels are ready in the town of Qayyarah.

Soldiers try to eat in the waiting citizens quiet.

A few days ago, the UN announced that there are four thousand citizens from Mosul have fled. This is according to UNHCR, a modest estimate.

Families are reunited in a camp some forty kilometers east of Arbil.

The families get basic services offered in the camps.

A girl carries jerry cans with drinking water.

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