Kickbokser Badr Hari nineteen months suspended because of doping

Kickbokser Badr Hari is for nineteen months, suspended for use of doping, as has profbond Glory Saturday night confirmed. During his punishment should be the heavyweight not compete in competitions of Glory.

The suspension of Hari is entered on may 7, 2018, when he was informed of the positive doping test. Earlier Saturday, came to the outside that he was punished and that his suspension would have accepted.

Hari was in march 2018 at Glory, 51 in Rotterdam found positive. It is unclear what prohibited means the Dutch-Moroccan former world champion is caught.

The 34-year-old Hari won in Rotterdam after three rounds of Hesdy Gerges. He made in that party after fifteen months of absence, his comeback after a prison term.

Gerges would at that time also tested positive, but he only got an official warning from the Dopingautoriteit. The Native denies doping, and challenged the results. The result of the match in Rotterdam was changed to ‘no contest’.


Summary: Badr Hari-Hesdy Gerges

Brazilian Machado twenty months suspended

The Brazilian Ariel Machado was suspended due to doping. He is for twenty months excluded after a positive test in Lyon. His suspension was on October 28, 2017.

The Croatian Mladen Brestovac came just as Gerges, beginning with an official warning. He was found positive in Birmingham. Also Machado and Brestovac is unknown what illegal substance they used.

The tests were carried out by the Dopingautoriteit, after which the Institute Sportrechtspraak (ISR), the sanctions established. The suspensions are immediately entered after Glory was informed of the positive result.

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