Khashoggi ‘ s fiancee attacks trump for the muted response on the journalists slain

in the vicinityVideoUN official calls for the death of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi a “brutal and intentional killing’

The final report on the Khashoggi ‘ s death is expected to be presented to the U. N. human rights Council in June.

The fiancee of murdered Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi appeared on Thursday on Capitol Hill, where the United States, a criticism of the response to the Saudi reporter who is not taken, the killing and the question of why further measures were against his murderers.

“President Trump said that would be solved, and [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi said that was unforgivable,” an emotional Hatice Cengiz said through a translator in her testimony before a house sub-Committee. “But it’s seven, eight months later, and nothing has been done.”

Cengiz added, “It was just Jamal, was killed. The values of the United States, they were also killed.”


Khashoggi was killed and dismembered inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey in October of last year. He had the Saudi Consulate to the certification of his divorce so that he could get married Cengiz, who was waiting for him outside the building.

The CIA and the Turkish officials both noted that, to kill the journalist came on the Directive of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), despite denials from Saudi officials. While Washington a number of Saudi officials is not sanctioned after the killing and Saudi officials arrested 21 people in connection with the crime, many critics of the trump administration, the President accused firm enough in his dealings with the kill.


“Khashoggi’ s a terrible crime that was the killing, as of now, way, with impunity,” Joel Simon, the Executive Director of the Committee to protect journalists, said at the Thursday hearing before the House subcommittee.

Trump has the question of the CIA findings and cons of taking a long-lasting measures to be taken against the Saudi government, a close ally of Washington in the Middle East.


Cengiz ‘ s testimony comes on the heels of an interview, you have to Post with Washington, in which the Trump administration mocked muted reaction to her fiance and its killing.


Khashoggi “has always been the United States want to” as “the place you went, the status quo and speak truth to power,” Cengiz said in a meeting on Wednesday with the Reporter for the newspaper. “Jamal would have been the most disappointed of all was the U.S. response.”

Cengiz added that Saudi officials have no more contact with her to offer since the killing of remuneration or condolences, despite the offer of millions of dollars in cash and property Khashoggi four adult children. Saudi officials have denied any involvement of the crown Prince, and insisted that the journalist was beaten to death carried out by rogue elements within the government.

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