Key witness afzettingsonderzoek He explains, holding statement

A key witness in the afzettingsonderzoek to the Us president, Donald Trump has made his testimony to be adjusted. Gordon Sondland was as the U.s. ambassador to the European Union has been closely involved in the Oekraïneaffaire. New testimony suggests that there is a “quid pro quo” (to hear), writing in The New York Times.

The afzettingsonderzoek focuses on the question of whether He, as a $ 400 million to more than 361 million) in defensiehulp of Ukraine’s meant to be, in exchange for a Ukrainian criminal investigation into his political rivals, in particular, to be the son of a Democrat, and a former vice-president, Joe Biden.

The new witness said Sondland, under oath, that this was the case. Sondland said this at a Ukrainian government official told the land would most likely not defensiehulp is received, if it is not available to the public would be engaged in the investigations of Hunter Biden.

This is an important question in the afzettingsonderzoek, or in the Oekraïneaffaire that there was a quid pro quo. The new testimony is that may be incriminating evidence, and that He is accordingly guilty of making.

Previously, Sondland, in a text message to a top japanese diplomat, William Taylor, is that there is no clear quid pro quo in terms of the defensiehulp, and the investigation of crime to the rivals of the Home.

In his previous testimony he gave Sondland there is no further clarification on it, but left the question open. He told me that he was only repeating what He had been told, so it’s possible it was that he and the president couldn’t believe it.

The new revision of the testimony, it suggests that the Sondland may not have even been compared to Taylor, and that he knew that the defensiehulp subject of the criminal investigation.

Taylor explained earlier, the most damaging testimony so far in the afzettingsonderzoek. The top japanese diplomat said, is not only that there is, indeed, a quid pro quo, but also that there are only two channels exist for the policy in respect of Ukraine: the normal official channel and unofficial channel.

The unofficial channel, was, according to Taylor, the european union ambassador to Sondland, envoy Kurt Volker, energieminister, Rick Perry, and the personal lawyer of the Trump, Rudy Giuliani.

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