Kevin Spacey, prosecutor’s office, the phone sought by the defense is lacking

FILE – In this June 3, 2019 file photo, actor Kevin Spacey attends a pretrial hearing in the district court, in Nantucket, Mass. The academy award-winning actor, is accused of touching the son of a former Boston TV anchor and, in 2016, in time for the busy bar, the Club Car in Nantucket. A lawyer for the man accused of being Spacey, say, Wednesday the 19th of June, 2019 at the latest, that I do not find the mobile phone that he has been ordered to switch to defensive. Spacey’s lawyers to try to recover the text messages, saying they would help the actor’s case. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

BOSTON – A man who, say, Kevin Spacey, sexually abused him at a bar on a resort island, find the cell phone that he ordered to turn to the defence, the prosecutor’s office’s lawyer said Wednesday.

Spacey’s lawyers have asked for the phone, so that they will be able to try to recover the text messages, they say, would be to support Spacey’s claims of innocence. The judge said earlier this month that the phone will need to be given to the authorities by Friday.

But the Lawyer, Mitchell Garabedian, told the judge in the court of the documents to which the phone is being used by the plaintiff at the time of the alleged touching in a Nantucket bar is missing.

The young man and his parents have searched in all the places where such a phone. They are not to be found on the phone,” Garabedian said.

The court: do you want them to have, July 8, to produce the phone or the husband, and his mother, and Garabedian, should it appear to the court that day to explain what they know about his whereabouts.

The phone is a central issue in the case against the Spacey, who pleaded not guilty in January to one charge of indecent assault and battery.

The case first came to light in march of 2017, former Boston TV anchor Heather Unruh said Spacey, so I gave them a then 18-year-old son to drink, and then sexually to him in the Club Car, which is a popular bar and restaurant located on the resort island.

It is the only criminal case that has been filed by or against the Spacey, after a number of allegations of sexual misconduct, limping on his career in 2017.

Spacey’s lawyer, Alan Jackson, said at a hearing this month that Unruh told authorities she removed all of her son’s “frat-boy activities of the phone before handing it over to investigators, in march of 2017.

Jackson has said that it will also appear in the prosecutor’s office removed some of the messages between him and his girlfriend on his cell phone to send screen shots of the conversation, an officer investigating the case.

Jackson did not immediately return a message Wednesday.

Tara Miltimore, a spokeswoman for the Cape & Islands district attorney, declined to comment, saying in an e-mail that the case will be tried in the courtroom not in the media.”

Garabedian said of Spacey’s attorney and his / her parents have no memory of the face of the phone, as it was handed over to the authorities, in 2017. Officials have said that the phone was returned to the man’s father, but his father does remember not to have the phone back from the police, the lawyer said.

Garabedian said she, with the help of an expert, the search for the backed-up copies of your phone, but “it will take a few weeks to identify it with that information.”


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