Kevin Spacey confirms is not present to want to be with lawsuit

From rechtbankpapieren Monday are submitted by the lawyers of Kevin Spacey, confirms the sexual abuse accused the actor that he does not wishes to be present at the upcoming trial in January.

Reported that TMZ, which this paper has seen. The entertainmentsite reported at the end of last week that Spaceys lawyers a request was submitted for the absence of the actor.

His presence would be “the adverse publicity to reinforce those already generated in connection with the case,” says the actor about his request for absence. His lawyer adds that Spaceys presence the amount of negative media attention could strengthen and, in the opinion of the jury may have a negative impact.

The documents can also be noticed to create that Spacey during his case, his innocence, wants to advocate.

The lawyers of the prosecutors responded rather negatively to the request for Spaceys absence. They find that the presence of Spacey during the case, which takes place in Massachusetts, it is required.

The judge ultimately decides whether the request of Spacey honored.

Spacey would be 18-year-old boy indecently have groped

The event that is central to the case on January 7, dates from 2016. Spacey would when an eighteen-year-old boy indecently have groped in a bar in Nantucket (Massachusetts).

In the same year the actor also the son of a former nieuwspresentatrice have harassed. The boy found it annoying that Spacey touch him, but says there is no permanent damage to to have kept. He reported the incident to the police in order to prevent others from the same would happen.

Spacey came in October 2017, under fire after several allegations of sexual abuse. Also he seemed to be on the set of the popular series House of Cards is inappropriate to have worn in the direction of a crew member.

The 59-year-old actor are still several studies.

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