Kevin Spacey calls for more ‘goodness’ in a new christmas message

Kevin Spacey calls on christmas eve and appeared in the video for ‘the greater good in the world. The actor, in the role of Frank Underwood, the main character of the series House of Cards.

“While we are in the years of 2020, at a walk, I put my vote in for more goodness in the world. Oh, I know what you’re thinking, ” Is this guy serious?’ I’m dead serious. And it’s not that hard, believe me, but…”

Spacey is due to several people being accused of sexually crossing behavior. Because of this, he got his role on the popular Netflix series will be lost.

At the age of 26 Would be Spacey, the then 14-year-old Anthony Rapp face of. The actor offered to be there in 2017 and be sorry for it. A number of other charges as it is now, however, pulled back.

In his christmas message, he seems to be the accusations to his address to them: “well, The next time someone does something you don’t want to, you can, of course, until the attack passes. However, you can use the fire to cease, and for something unexpected to do: You can get more done by being kind You can kill them with kindness).”

59Kevin Spacey gives a christmas message, as Frank Underwood

“I see you trusted me.”

In the video, which came out last year, said Spacey, again in the role of Frank Underwood, that “they have tried to separate us. However, what we have is too strong, too powerful. I just told you my deepest, darkest secrets. And you confided in me, even though you know that you shouldn’t be doing it.”

Spacey seemed to be, at the time, hoped to be able to return to the series. Underwood stressed that “we are not done yet, what you are saying. And I know that I need to go back. Of course, believed in everyone, and that I would have to admit that it was said that it was true. But wouldn’t that be too easy? It is as simple as it is, never, not in life and not in politics. You would not have to form an opinion without the facts. You’re smarter than that.”

Netflix, however, the series is without a Spacey way.

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