Kevin Spacey asks judge to aanrandingszaak to reject it

Kevin Spacey, the court requested that the court case in which he has been accused of sexual assault, to deny him. That is, it would appear from the documents that are in the possession of the Blast.

The actor claims to be in the rechtspapieren is in no way guilty of the sexual assault and sexual interference. Spacey claims to have beschuldiger are the lawyer’s fees to pay.

The man who was the prosecution’s submission, said that he was in the October of 2016, and by the Spacey molested when he was in the home of a massage came to give.

According to the man, grabbed the actor’s hand and forced him to his genitals to the touch. Also, he wanted him to orally satisfy you. It took the man to his table, and was gone.

The court ruled that the man’s identity is not required to provide. Spacey had been prompted to do so, because he did not understand was that the man was anonymous, was left for the cause.

The actor claimed that the case is still pending, it would be as if there is no identity to be known, but was not upheld by the court of law.

Some men accuse Spacey

Spacey, by a number of men accused of sexual harassment and abuse.

The allegations against the celebrated actor, came out of the roll, when Anthony Rapp disclosed that he, as a 14-year-old was attacked at a party by Spacey, who, at that time, 26 was made.

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