Kevin Janssens on D’Ardennes ‘Robin Pront is one of the best directors with whom I already worked’

In the shadow of the crystal blue dome of the Antwerp Sportpaleis running Robin Pront his first feature film, D’Ardennes, a gangsterprent for which he is a Flemish sterrenensemble could cast. A footage of the bleak winterset.

(Left to right) Veerle Baetens, Robin, Pront, and ‘bad guy’ Kevin Janssens on the set of D’Ardennes. © Belga

The winds hurtling over the Antwerp Lobroekdok, where the harsh winter cold as a razor-sharp knife in the skin cuts. Steaming cups of coffee, desperately hand to hand, and allow for momentary warmtegolven by throats of cast and crew. A headset warms the ears of debuting director Robin Pront, already whistling and with an almost perpetual smile on the set sloft.

The Edegemnaar the looks of the relaxation itself when the red light of the camera lights, but recently to his own dismay, in an old rokersgewoonte relapses. Or the of the vakstress he would not have said, and also seems to us unthinkable. “The set is really the only place where he is calm and quiet,” says actor Jeroen Perceval, who wrote the script. Veerle Baetens, who as very last the cast was added, that, laughing openly: “Out of the set is that all the” quiet man!”

Perceval as fetishacteur

Initially would Rundskop director Michaël Roskam is about Percevals scenario bending, but who left the project due to a busy Oscaragenda to pass. The Truiense filmmaker remains involved as executive producer. Pront: “You can’t say that Michael has quit, because the project was still nowhere. I am ultimately what ingesukkeld because I have a past with Jeroen.” Perceval played the leading role in Pronts with award winning short films Injury Time and Plan B.

Just as the latter is also D’Ardennes gangsterprent, albeit less intense and more defined. Pront: “You may be the parallel to draw between Plan B and D’Ardennes, in terms of theme, but the visual is the tempo of D’Ardennes lower. For my shorts I had no money for steadycams or dolly’s, giving it a kinetic arsenal of cuts. With the current budget I can myself as a visual director more to challenge and develop my style even easier.”

D’Ardennes and follows a broederpaar that four years after a runaway homejacking their life back on track tries to get after the oldest a sentence properly finished. Perceval takes the role of the youngest brother and works so for the third time together with Pront. “And thank you he is my fetishacteur (laughs). Our trust is so highly evolved that it seems like I was there with a friend work. Therefore, I dare faster very critical against Hieronymus.” Although Perceval are a director, not in the least dogmatic. “It’s true that Robin and I have a very perfectionistic, but I have him already know, go against the stars on the set.”

© Belga

Star cast

Kevin Janssens plays the role of the ex-convict brother and changed this dramatically of look. With a achteruitgekamde vetkuif, matching earring and a collection of scars in the face, he is the kind of überdelinquent, which is constantly in wrong habits hervalt. “My character is an unguided projectile, that the responsibility for the business, constantly of themselves behind. Nevertheless, he tries to get his life back in order. He is the type that the well-meaning, but actually have a bird for the cat.”

Janssens lived in his youth near a social area, and can recognize that kind of characters to say very good. “For such an atypical role are you leaving from your own life. You are going to find similarities, to make a backpack of experiences gives to that character from there.”

After five seasons Missing, in which he is the explosive moraalflik Nick Bulens, explores Janssens as a bad guy in D’Ardennes, now the other side of the society. “Without Missing too short to want to do, I find it nice to have someone of flesh and blood, and with some layering to play. In Missing, I was a supporting character, that shrouded was in good-cop-bad-cop-states.”

Also, Veerle Baetens returns after spending time in Europe back in a Flemish film. “My character is psychologically somewhat unstable. In my eyes, it focuses the film on pity children, who are lucky enough mists to parents who stressed that studying was important.”

Fargo, usa. Trainspotting

© Belga

Despite the large amount of crime is D’Ardennes, yet no thoroughbred misdaadprent. Producer Bart Van Langendonck called it a bastaardfilm of Fargo and Trainspotting, to speak that comparison according to Pront earlier to the imagination. “I find it to be honest, what silly to my film to two other films on it. Without the personality of my characters, since want to get – because I see them doodgraag – I will show them indeed to the outskirts of society, such as in Trainspotting, yes. But in terms of themes, connect the film more in Scorseses Mean Streets, or Michôds Animal Kingdom. In the rewriting of the scenario I faced and regularly finds from older movies, which I then had bleeding in my film. That is a kind of reference without stealing, because D’Ardennes is – really – my own thing.”

Baetens calls Pront therefore, a auteursregisseur. “He shows no obvious characters, but characters with passion and love. He protects nicely with the line between the figures of comedy and crime.” Perceval knows the scenario, as no other, and invariably in. “Also the wrong sides of people are shown, which, here and there, something tragikomisch insluipt. Robin has the vision to be both handsome in each other to combine.”

Janssens lubricates finally, it is also more generous with the syrup, thus confirming the general perception that Pront as one of the greatest talents of the Flemish regisseursgilde applies: “He is quite simply a revelation. One of the best directors with whom I already worked. Robin knows his characters unseen good and she gives thanks to his creativity on the set, with even more identity. He has a kind of instinct that I seldom have experienced.”

The pictures of D’Ardennes walk up to and including 28 February at various locations in Antwerp and what do you think – the Ardennes. The promising directorial debut of Robin Pront appears, however, only in the spring of 2016 in the halls.

Jarno Bertho

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