Kerstkoken without stress: a guide

You organise the christmas party with all the trimmings? If you prepare, stress is unnecessary. Knack Weekend will guide you to the final day.

Christmas and new year’s eve in the kitchen. © iStock

Each year they take you on time to start, but still arrive to your guests, invariably when you are still sweaty forehead in an exploded kitchen? Thanks to this hour-to-hour guide, you can now do!

General guidelines

  • Do your shopping in advance. We repeat: do your shopping in advance.
  • A lot of people recommend culinary experiments on a party, but we are always open to a little adventure. Do choose a calculated risk and make sure you always have a reserve option.
  • Conviviality takes precedence over culinary delights. Delete unnecessary preparations if you find that you more often in the kitchen than with your guests.

08:00 – Location: still in bed

Create on your smartphone (Spotify) playlist for tonight where all of your guests. For really industrious hosts and women: make a list of the background music for during the meal and one for after, when the atmosphere loosens up.

09:00 – Location: kitchen / dining room

Fill ijsblokjesvormen and insert them in the freezer and put the drink already in the fridge.

During your breakfast a list of all the separate things that you need to cook. Please be fussy and share all of your dishes in manageable steps. An example: for this recipe, there are the following five components: tomato sauce, aubergines prepare, fill, prepare, smoothly run, in the oven cross. Orders all intermediate steps in a logical order. (In this example, the ovengedeelte only when the guests are already there.) This may seem exaggerated, but that list is the golden key to peace in a hectic time.

10:00 – Location: the kitchen

Is the dessert cake, homemade ice cream, mousse or anything else that needs to harden, or that only get better as the flavors get to draw? Start now. Also a soup, sauce or stew you make all the best, and then cold way to convert.

12:00 – Location: the dining room

All worked well? You now have a light – because you are going to have a lot of taste and food today – lunch earned. Save that break and not over use it to catch your breath, your feet, letting your to do list again. You have already what things can be crossed out? Beautiful!

13:00 – Location: the kitchen

Bind again that kitchen apron for, because now you will fly there really. Enter at this moment, all the preparatory work from which it is not very is that the few hours will continue to stand. Deck everything well and put cold away.

For example:

  • Peel the potatoes all up and put them on water.
  • There is mash on the menu? Make it all completely and spread on a baking dish. Work with chapelure, and some knobs of butter and slide you later, when your guests are there, in the oven.
  • Prepare all casseroles all.
  • Do you, as a garnish for the dessert, chocolate flakes or apples baking? Do it now!
  • When you need vegetables at the last moment to bake? Cut them already.
  • Serve your dips with the aperitif? You know what to do.

15:00 – the whole house

If still needed: clean out your house. Save yourself the trouble of really thoroughly clean, because actually pay attention, none of your guests there and dirty it again. The only place where you can have best pay extra attention to is your toilet: there will pass everyone at least once and just there to take your guests is often the time to take a quiet look around.

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Arrange your table as you want it to. Put the aperitiefglazen ready in the living room and do the last mise en place in the kitchen. For example, choose all the right bowls for your starters and put them ready, so that you will have your guests in a blink of an eye accommodate with treat.

16:00 – Location: the kitchen

Are you doing final preparatory work. Go there are fresh herbs in the soup? Cut them all and store them in a sealable jar in the fridge. There are still rolls to be baked? This is your moment. The appear small chores and the temptation can be great to have a quick look to do if the guests are already there’, but before you know it you stand more in the kitchen than that you are cozy with them.

17:00 – Location: the kitchen

Clean up your kitchen, so that when you go to the finish can do in a clean environment. So you can avoid through the forest the trees will not see.

17:20 – Location: the bathroom

Away with the kitchen apron and comfortable work gear. You live out in the shower, in your wardrobe and in the bathroom: if your guests are not too much distracted by your delicious menu and your sparkling christmas tree, taken by your wonderful self.

17:50 – Location: the living room

Put your own playlist already on and insert the candles: they are allowed to come!

None of this succeeded? Oh, you’ve even tried. Create a work area-free, provide enough snijplankjes and knives and put your guests to work. If you pretend this is planned and you are credible, can sustain that only you will know what the secret tricks are of your chosen dishes, your guests still feel honored that you have selected to participate in this exclusive cooking class. It’s all in the perception. (EK)

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