Kerkhofproject Revival expands: “We are our connection with the death a little bit lost’

On all saints ‘ day is there in one of the four Flemish towns again music and poetry in the cemetery to hear. That occurs in the context of Revival, a project of the Belgian band Zwinger: “We have done what is in our mind.’

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Zwinger, the Belgian band that indie elements combine with music, set a few years ago Revival on legs, a project to create music and stories to bring together in the Flemish graveyards.

Originally began the project with four young people from Deerlijk, the hometown of Zwinger, which, shortly after each other much too early in their lives. ‘Almost to the month, there was another afscheidsplechtigheid. Everyone asked on the duration really wonder: “Who will be next?”‘, said singer Pieter Deknudt there earlier on

Eventually the band decided that they’re on a different way to the death wanted to look at, as a way to celebrate life. ‘We have only done what is intuitive in our mind: to make music,” says Deknudt. First only in Deerlijk, in the meantime, one in four Flemish municipalities involved.

This year, the third edition on the Flemish scale, Revival, two new hatches. “We have a number of young poets are asked to create work to write for the Revival,” explains Deknudt. ‘In addition, taught drawing at the academy of Ghent, under the direction of Stijn Felix, went to work on the beautiful illustrations. We have, together with the stories that we received, compiled in a beautiful book. Kweeniehoeschoon.’


The musical program is still there and looks, in addition to the by now traditional pleiad to marching bands and other wind orchestras, again, promising. ‘Ozark Henry, Jan Swerts, WWWater and Jonas Winterland play, each in a cemetery that for them has meaning. Isbells will even return from their sabbatical for Revival. Itself we play with Zwinger in Deerlijk, where the local ballet school also participates in the event.’

First found in the vicinity of the Zwinger, the idea of art in a cemetery a little creepy, but now get Deknudt and co, the requests from different municipalities can no longer be processed. And Revival is also starting to impact, according to the singer.

“One of the first times that we are in Deerlijk played for Revival, we met a man, that his son had lost to cancer. For ten years he was not to the cemetery, because he is a cold place and did not know what he had to do. He is now sitting in our team and he brings this year, the story of his son.’

‘Learn to talk about loss remains important, decision Deknudt. “We are the connection with the dead, and other things that we don’t have control, a little lost. That people through our work together about the loss can speak, giving us the feeling that this is worthwhile.’

More information about Revival and whether or not there is an event taking place at the cemetery of your town, you will find on the Facebook page of Revival.

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