Kenyan president Kenyatta heads for new term of office

Kenyan president Kenyatta heads for new term of office

The current Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta is heading for a victory in the presidential elections. That now appears to be about 85 percent of the votes have been counted.

Kenyatta has about 55 percent of the votes compared to 45 percent for opposition leader Raila Odinga, it is going to be a difference of about 1.4 million votes. There are a total of eight presidential candidates.

Odinga says that the voting system has been hacked in favor of Kenyatta. According to the leader of the opposition were the results that his party had collected “totally different” than what the official figures showed. For the “large scale fraud” would the identity of the murdered Chris Musando, a computer expert at the national electoral commission.

Odinga called for his supporters to quietly continue, but also declared that he was “the people under control”. Shortly after his uitgespraken went a hundred people take to the streets to protests. The police broke up the protest early with tear gas.

To be the president, a majority of the votes are needed. If that is not of the candidates, a second round.

Kenyans choose a new president

President Uhuru Kenyatta brought his voice out in the village of Gatundu. Kenyatta called on all 19 million voters to vote, and that “in peace” to do.

The main opponent of Kenyatta is Raila Odinga (72). In 2013, he lost a little of his 55-year-old rival.

In the first hours of the election day, there were no significant incidents reported. The Kenyan government on Tuesday of 150,000 security personnel for a 41,000 polling stations to the vote without contention to expire.

Residents search for their name on a list with the voters.

Three hours before the polling stations in Kenya opened, were people already in long lines waiting to cast their vote.

Kenyatta’s political opponents accuse his government of poor management and corruption.

According to the latest polls it is a neck-to-nekrace between Kenyatta and Odinga.

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Tuesday were people even before the polling stations opened in the queue to cast their vote. Kenyatta called when all of the 19 million voters to vote, and that “in peace” to do. “If you want your voice to have released, please go home,” he said Monday.

The counting of votes in Kenya showed in the last elections is a problem. In 2013, haperden the electronic voting machines while in 2007 the winner was announced while the counting is still going on. It is feared that this year the elections are not without flaws are due to expire.

At the end of last month, a computer expert Musando murdered. He was the husband of a fair verkiezingsverloop had to guarantee. May be he was for his death to be tortured. Critics of Kenyatta accusing him of involvement in the murder of Musando.

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