Kendrick Lamar lost two singles in two weeks time

With Humble draws King Lamar for the second week in a row, all the attention on himself, and he shows us a glimpse of a new, promising album.

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Last week there was all The Heart Pt 4, which Lamar his fans warm for a supposedly new album. ‘Y’all got till April the 7th to get y’all shit together’, raps he got there. What exactly he will be dropping, we know about seven days, but in the meantime, there is the second single, Humble, with accompanying video clip.

Humble sounds already vintage Lamar. The rapper from Compton who hurls his words lashing out, and has something meaningful to tell. ‘Bitch, sit down. Be humble’, it sounds in the chorus. Lamar has the humility and the fake facades in the media, and he shoots with the focus on the policies of Donald Trump. About his coming album, he says that the ‘very urgent’, and after hearing of Humble is not that difficult to take.

The clip of Humble looks are also particularly handsome. Director Dave Meyers took visual gems to each other in a series of shots in which he the mystery surrounding Lamar emphasized. We see him portrayed as the new savior in a pastiche on The Last Supper, and in a spectacular next scene his head is on fire. Yes, on fire. Note also that one beautiful shot in which he is in between a crowd of black bald men if only the head straight.

Listen to and view Humble here:

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