Kelly Anne Conway of the challenges leaker, the floated immigrant children as a means of pressure: “I want to tell people that it is on my face, I really do’

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Conway: the people bend to the will of President Trump

The senior Advisor to the President for diplomacy with North Korea and “bad” trade agreements.

Top White house Advisor, Kelly Anne Conway on Sunday sharply a leaker who claims, allegedly, that President Trump wants illegal immigrant children as a means of exerting political pressure convicted.

“I certainly do not want to use anyone, these children as a means of pressure,” Conway said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“I would like to know who that is, by the way,” she added, referring to the leaker, the language in The Washington Post. “I want the person to say it to my face, I really do. I’ll meet you at the White house today, because I think that’s a shame.”

Conway added that, “As a mother, as a Catholic, … no one likes to separate this policy,” illegal immigrants, children from their parents at the border.

“It is zero tolerance. I don’t think you have to justify it.”

– The former top-Trump-adviser to Steve Bannon


By law, the children are generally not separated by an adult when crossing the border only if the officials determine their relationship with the adult, if the child is in danger, or if the adult is charged with a crime.

President Trump management has implemented what it calls a “zero tolerance policy” for crimes at the border, what had to be an increase in law enforcement to even more separations.

WATCH: Kelly Anne Conway says it is a “shame” that an anonymous White house official said, the children are used as the pressure medium, which is on the border@Chuck Todd: “a question of American morality.”@KellyannePolls: “As a mother, as a Catholic,… no one likes this policy.”msgstr””#MTP

— Meet the press (@MeetThePress) 17. June 2018

But Trump and his advisors have repeatedly expressed regret that children are sometimes sent to separate detention facilities, and the President called to solve the Congress to the Problem with the legislation.

“The President has told people that in place of the laws, which he wants to use the enforcement mechanisms that we have,” the leaker identified only one anonymous administration official told The Washington Post last week. “The thinking in the building in order to force people to the table.”

But on Sunday, the former top White House strategist Steve Bannon ABC’s “This Week” said that the administration does not justify the separation of children from their parents at the border.

“It is zero tolerance. I don’t think you have to justify it,” he said, in a remarkable contrast to Conway’s messaging.

He added that the administration a mandate to enforce the law, tremendous beam strength.

“We ran on a policy — quite simply — stop mass illegal immigration and limit legal immigration, get our sovereignty back to help, our staff, and so he went to a zero-tolerance policy,” said Bannon. “It is to bump a crime, illegal and children separately. I mean, I hate to say it, this is the law and he is enforcing the law.”

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