Kelly Anne Conway: “It’s not a big ask” for the NFL players either stand during the anthem, or go home to protest

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Kelly Anne Conway talks race relations in America

Virginia and Washington brace for protests and counter-protests a year after the deadly violence in Charlottesville; reaction from Kelly Anne Conway, a counselor to President Trump.

Only a few days after President Trump NFL mocks-player for kneeling during the national anthem, a top White House aide Kelly Anne Conway told “Fox News Sunday”, the high-profile athletes who want to go to a protest should, effectively, home.

NFL players again demonstrated during the national anthem last week when the League began in the year 2018, the pre-season. Some players, such as Robert Quinn of the Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins and De’R Bausby, raised their fists in the air while the national anthem played, while the others knelt.

“The President has made it very clear that he believes it is a great question to have, the people stand for the flag during the national anthem at football matches and elsewhere — and, separately, if these professional athletes want to go back to their communities, or anywhere that you want, where you said, significant platforms, and in most cases, then you should go and cast their votes is part of it,” Conway.


During the NFL-quote player, racial injustice and police misconduct, as reasons for their protests, Conway claims that Trump has, in fact, minorities helped on the whole.

“We have to see President Trump’s record with regard to men and women of color,” said Conway. “The record-low unemployment among African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and others, is remarkable. … The prison-reform initiative that Jared Kushner and President of the Trump have more is meant to help all people of all races, but we know that disproportionately many of our prisons, are the Afro-Americans who languish in these prisons.”

Trump on Friday slammed NFL players, “once again,” kneeling during the national anthem, and asked, “Are you happy, cool!”, since you are doing a “assets are what you love.”

The President warned players of “pride” for the national anthem or “suspended Without Pay!””

In may that changed the NFL, national anthem, politics, prohibition of any kind of demonstrations for the season 2018 and make the individual teams responsible for the discipline of players, the protest on the field of play.

The players’ union filed a complaint about the policy change, and at the end of last month, the new Directive was put on ice, while the NFL and the NFL players Association are working on a solution.

In a statement Thursday that said NFL, all players and team personnel were expected on the field, published to stand for the flag or the anthem, reminds those who do not choose, you must remain in the locker rooms.

“The NFL has to relate in constructive conversations with the NFL players Association in respect of the anthem and the problems of equality and social justice, to many Americans,” the NFL statement. “While the discussions continue, the NFL has agreed to delay the implementation or performance of any of the club rules could result in that player not being disciplined for their conduct during the performance of the anthem.”

Fox News’ Brooke Singman contributed to this report.

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