Kees Driehuis didn’t want to gutter out about his illness, writing

The Tuesday, the 67-year-old age-death-presenter: Kees Driehuis had for the last two years was seriously ill, but it was not in the gutter here, achterkwam. His colleague, Astrid Joosten is telling The World is that of a select company all that time, it said nothing about the health of Driehuis.

According to Joosten was in Driehuis is not yet at the height of his illness at the time he was two years ago, is retiring. A few months later, he was told that he had a form of cancer.

“The Kees, it was a terrible idea, and that this is widely known, it would be in the tabloids, and the night would come,” says Joosten. The show was one of the “small group” of people who Driehuis information about his or her health trusts.

“We have received the request, it is to stop, and in fact, I was in our business (broadcasting BNNVARA, ed.). no one dared to ask what was the matter with him, because I was afraid it was something to betray.” Joosten said the insiders, as long as two years in their mouth they kept, so the story never leaked out.

Driehuis, he began his career in 1974, at the radio and television network PRODUCER, which he has always remained faithful. He was, until 2018, with the hard face of the Second Pointer, and the idea that he was more than three years, as presented.

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