Keep people from walking into the glass at Apple Park

The new Apple Visitor Center is on display in Cupertino, California,USA, 17 November 2017. REUTERS/Elijah Nouvelage – RC194681E340

Apple’s futuristic new campus, known as the Apple Park, the staff will start to move slowly in the earlier this year, after the construction delay, the action was referred to at the beginning of April). Some 12,000 Apple staff will eventually call Apple Park home. However, it seems that Apple has a little bit of the health and safety of the issue on her hands, and employees are not injured.

The problem stems from Apple’s extensive use of glass in the construction of the buildings on the campus. The company was very happy to share during the development that the use of the world’s largest panels of curved glass. But glass is clear and therefore it is very difficult to see when you walk about. It seems that Apple is not about that the employees have walked into the glass walls, not aware that they are there.


The reason that we know about, these glass-the hit of the injuries is because some have led to calls to emergency services. MarketWatch passed for the keeping of public registers for two such incidents in which men walk into glass and suffer cuts, one of which was to be confirmed by an Apple employee. A tweet from Kenn Durrence in January, also “seven people hurt themselves” by walking into glass doors.

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As you would expect, Apple is not commenting and not letting the public into the building. It is a problem that needs to be repaired, but, if Apple would be in violation of California law, which states that “workers must be protected against the danger of walking through glass barriers or by using eye-catching durable markings.”

We all know how important design is to Apple, which could explain why they do not have the safety markings on the glass. But the company can now, and that can have serious consequences for the overall look of the glass-heavy structures. Perhaps with the help of a subtle Apple logo would be enough?

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