Kavanaugh’s confirmation is derailed by sexual misconduct allegations: A list of his accusers

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Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh: The allegations

Christine Blasey Ford has publicly Donald Trump ‘ s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault decades ago are accused of. A look at what she says and how top legislators respond.

In the middle of his confirmation process, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is facing several allegations of sexual misconduct, including charges of assault, when he was in high school.

Kavanaugh and the White house have clearly the allegations, and the Federal government refuses to judge, it is expected that witnesses before the Senate judiciary Committee this week. One of his accusers, Christine Blasey, Ford also has agreed to testify before the legislature.

Read on for a look at the women who have accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct – and what exactly she claims.

Christine Blasey Ford

Christine Blasey Ford, California, psychology professor, claimed first in a letter to sen Dianne Feinstein, the ranking member of the judiciary Committee, in July, in the Kavanaugh they attacked a house party in the early 1980s.

In the letter, Ford claimed Kavanaugh her pinned to a bed, to remove during a party in Maryland, trying on her clothes, and put his hand over her mouth to prevent her screaming. You said that he and Mark judge, Kavanaugh friend who was also in the room at the time of the alleged incident, had the music up to a loud volume.

At the time, said Ford, she was 15, and Kavanuagh was 17 and allegedly drunk. She said she was able to escape when the judge jumped on it.

“I thought he might accidentally kill me,” Ford, who is now 51 years old, told The “Washington Post”. “He tried to attack me and remove my clothes.”

Kavanugh called the allegation “completely false.”


“I’ve never done something that describes the Prosecutor – your-or someone of the” Federal judge, said in a statement.

Aside from Kavanaugh, three people said Ford was said at the party, the legislature, they were not aware of the incident, she claimed. To judge, Patrick “PJ” Smith and Leland Ingham Keyser.

Ford is not expected that witnesses before the Senate judiciary Committee Thursday morning, with Kavanaugh to appear after her.

Deborah Ramirez

In a second claim of sexual misconduct, Deborah Ramirez, The New said York, Kavanaugh, sat down next to her, while in the case of a Yale University dormitory during the academic year 1983-84.

After a contact, the magazine, Ramirez, Kavanaugh, claims continued to look at her, add she accidentally touches his penis while you are trying to slide him. However, it has to be admitted, also, that gaps in your memory about the party, because she had been drinking.

Kavanaugh dismissed the allegation as a “smear”, “plain and simple” in a statement released by the White house.

“This alleged incident of 35 years ago is not going to happen,” Kavanaugh said. “People who knew me, then you know that this is not going to happen, and have said so.”


The magazine stated that it was not confirmed that Kavanaugh was at the party in question. But an anonymous male classmate said, he continued, it was said that Kavanaugh had to Ramirez, the within the following days.

Yet, another male classmate, Ramirez spurred Kavanaugh said at the party, each reminder has denied to the Assembly. In addition, some said Ramirez, who were involved are comrades, six of Kavanaugh class – including – a Declaration happens to doubt the incident.

“We can say with confidence that if the incident is Debbie claims occurred, we would have seen or heard of – and we don’t”, they said. “The behavior that she describes, would be completely out of character for the Board.”

Michael Avenatti client

Lawyer Michael Avenatti – who represents adult film star Stormy Daniels in a lawsuit against the President, Trump claimed on Twitter to be that a woman had knowledge Kavanaugh, judges and others in high school, “targeting women with alcohol and/or drugs, in order to allow a” train ” of men, and then rape you.”

I represent a woman with credible information on judge Kavanaugh and Mark judge. We are demanding, the opportunity to testimony for the Committee and will also require that judges and other persons subpoenaed to testify. The nomination must be withdrawn.

— Michael Avenatti (@Michael Avenatti) September 23, 2018

Avenatti, made the allegations in a series of E-Mails to Mike Davis, chief counsel for nominations on the Senate judiciary Committee. He has no source for his “evidence” and not the name of an alleged victim.

Here are all of the following E-Mails between me and Mr. Davis. It seems that (1) the Board of management wants to avoid a Problem with this process, the public, and (2) the Committee, judge, and witness, or even demands that he testify. Both are absolute necessities.

— Michael Avenatti (@Michael Avenatti) September 24, 2018

But Avenatti told The Associated Press he would his customer to reveal the identity in the coming days and said she is willing to testify before the judiciary Committee, as well as the names of witnesses to corroborate.

Fox News’ Samuel Chamberlain, Gregg Re, and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn is a Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter: @K_Schallhorn.

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